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How I Make F*ck You Money on YouTube - Full YouTube Monetization Guide 2024

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The video provides insights on earning money through YouTube channels, including strategies for maximizing ad revenue, joining the YouTube Partner Program, applying for monetization, increasing CPM, affiliate marketing, promoting digital products, securing brand deals, and selling online courses and services. It emphasizes understanding YouTube's guidelines, creating engaging content, targeting specific audiences, and leveraging various platforms for monetization. The video showcases success stories and offers tips on generating significant income through strategic content creation and business opportunities available on YouTube and other online platforms.

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Impressive earnings from YouTube channels.
One channel made $572,000 and another made $84,000 in total revenue.
Making money on YouTube through AdSense Revenue by putting ads on videos.
Emphasis on understanding how YouTube works and consistently uploading content to increase views and earnings.
Potential for significant daily earnings with dedication and strategic content creation.
Growth in Revenue on the Channel
Earnings have increased to $155,000 in the last 28 days and $142,000 in 2023.
Monetization process involves joining the YouTube Partner Program with specific requirements.
Discussion on another channel earning $50-100 a day with fluctuating revenue.
Emphasis on the potential for significant earnings through ad revenue on YouTube videos.
Requirements for YouTube Partner Program.
Creators must make original content and adhere to guidelines set by YouTube.
YouTube reviews channel theme, top videos, watch time, and metadata to ensure compliance.
Content must be advertiser-friendly, avoiding swearing, violence, and adult themes to increase chances of approval.
After meeting requirements, creators can create a Google AdSense account through YouTube Studio for monetization.
Maximizing ad revenue on YouTube videos longer than 8 minutes.
Strategically placing ads every 2 minutes is crucial for revenue growth.
Prioritizing monetization is essential for channel growth on YouTube.
Accurately categorizing videos for ad suitability is important for maintaining trust with YouTube's systems.
Proper categorization impacts future video uploads and manual reviews.
Challenges in YouTube Monetization Program Application.
Importance of reviewing feedback and analyzing reasons for denial to make necessary changes.
Speaker plans to reduce use of AI and reapply for monetization.
Earnings on YouTube channels influenced by factors like video content, audience, and season.
Vlogs may not attract premium ad revenue due to broad viewership, leading to fluctuating earnings.
Types of YouTube ads and revenue generation.
Explanation of CPM and RPM and their impact on earnings.
Importance of targeting specific audiences with relevant ads.
Percentage of earnings YouTube takes from creators.
Insights on maximizing CPM to increase revenue.
Tips to increase CPM on YouTube for creators.
Target older audiences in high-earning countries like the US and create longer videos for more ad breaks.
Cover topics in lucrative industries to attract higher-paying advertisements.
High CPM doesn't necessarily mean higher earnings compared to high views with lower RPM.
Views are crucial for overall earnings, so focus on increasing views rather than just CPM.
Overview of Tax Implications and Affiliate Marketing in YouTube Content Creation.
Tax percentage paid to the government varies by country, with potential exemptions under tax treaties with the US.
Affiliate marketing is a lucrative industry, projected to reach $27 billion by 2027.
Speaker earned $6.6k promoting a course for a YouTuber with 2 million subscribers, with a $250 commission per sign-up.
Significant earnings were generated through affiliate marketing opportunities on YouTube.
Success in Affiliate Marketing
Speaker emphasizes earning commissions by promoting products without creating them.
Importance of choosing products with high commission amounts to maximize earnings and avoid low conversion rates.
Personal experiences and mistakes shared in selecting offers with lower payouts.
Insights into affiliate marketing process and advice on selecting profitable products for promotion.
Advantages of promoting digital products over physical products in terms of higher margins and lower costs.
Recurring affiliate programs for software offer continuous income, unlike physical products.
Digital products are instantly accessible, making them a more lucrative option.
Affiliate marketing programs like Partner Stack and Impact are common sources for finding offers for promotion.
These programs provide a variety of offers for affiliate marketers to choose from.
Speaker discusses affiliate marketing efforts on Partner stack and impact.com.
Earnings through click-throughs and signups are highlighted.
Experience with affiliate marketing programs on Amazon Associates is mentioned, focusing on promoting trusted products.
Low commission rates on Amazon Associates are noted.
Consistent sales are emphasized for generating significant income, recommending exploring various tools and platforms for lucrative opportunities.
Tips for Finding and Promoting Affiliate Program Links.
Emphasizes targeting warm leads and investing in products before promoting them.
Suggests purchasing an online course to learn about a specific product.
Recommends creating review videos as a way to promote products effectively.
Utilizing keyword research tools like vid IQ for content creation.
Importance of researching popular search terms using VidIQ.
Understanding search trends and user interests to create relevant content.
Creating a video review of Adonis School product after two weeks of use.
Emphasizing the value of authentic reviews based on personal experience.
Strategy of including affiliate links in videos to earn commissions despite low views.
Achieving $6,600 in commissions in a day through affiliate marketing.
Understanding the product's problem-solving capabilities and target audience is crucial for success.
Using the ExpressVPN affiliate program as an example to demonstrate finding relevant search phrases and creating tailored content.
Emphasizing the potential for affiliate marketing to generate significant profits by recommending products to targeted audiences.
Highlighting the importance of creating content that addresses users' needs to drive success in affiliate marketing.
Discussion on opening a company in the US, focusing on LLCs and affiliate programs.
Affiliate programs like Taylor Brands offer high earning potential through referrals.
Importance of keyword research using tools like VQ for business success.
Leveraging affiliate marketing offers to promote services like LLC setup assistance from Taylor Brands.
Benefits of affiliate marketing and maximizing earnings through promoting products like Shopify.
Importance of Promoting Products in Videos
Promoting products or services in videos is crucial for increasing traffic and sales.
Emphasizes solving a problem with the promoted product to rank higher on YouTube search results.
Strategy includes mentioning the product in the video and providing a link in the description.
Discusses income sources like brand deals where creators partner with brands to feature products in videos, highlighting successful examples with high views and earnings.
Importance of brand deals on YouTube channels.
Setting up a contact email for brands to reach out for collaborations is crucial.
Earning money through sponsored videos, even with a small subscriber base, is highlighted.
Various strategies for securing brand deals are discussed, including setting up a contact email on the channel.
Insights into the monetization potential of YouTube channels through brand partnerships are provided.
Importance of creating a separate email for brand deals.
Adding the email in YouTube description and about page attracts brand offers.
Examples of emails received for brand deals and potential for earning money.
Reaching out to brands directly for deals requires negotiation skills and proactive engagement.
Strategies for Reaching Out to Brands for Sponsorship Deals.
Use platforms like Upwork and Fiverr to collect emails from brands.
Research brands already sponsoring similar channels.
Set reasonable prices for brand deals and focus on building relationships.
Research brands through channels like Think Media and adjust pricing based on channel size and audience.
Negotiating brand deals involves setting a price you're happy with, considering company budgets, and adjusting prices based on responses.
Higher prices may be accepted at year-end to use up marketing budgets.
Brand deals can range from sponsored videos to integrations, with varying pricing based on content type.
Success in brand deals depends on product fit, audience reception, and continued purchases.
Selling digital products, like video programs, can also be lucrative for content creators as an additional income source.
Success with Digital Products and Online Courses.
The speaker made $112,000 in one week after launching a digital product in February 2022.
The product was relaunched in April, bringing in $49,000 in sales.
Another digital product involving video production teams generated up to $9,000 in revenue.
The speaker's online course on surge-based channels performed well in sales, challenging the misconception that course sellers earn more than service providers.
The profitability of selling digital products like courses, templates, and services is discussed in the video segment.
Ali Abdal is highlighted as a successful creator who sells the Part-Time YouTuber Academy online course for $1,000.
The course focuses on helping individuals grow their YouTube channels while managing other responsibilities.
The segment mentions the success of a Notion tutorial video with 800,000 views and ongoing popularity.
Successful creators in the digital product space are showcased as examples of the potential for making money in this industry.
Selling digital templates and services on platforms like Etsy and Creative Market.
Profitability of products like productivity planners and Canva templates is highlighted.
Monetizing YouTube traffic through services like Dave Nick's channel sales is discussed.
Dave Nick is portrayed as an expert in monetizing YouTube traffic and offers a service where users can purchase monetized channels.
The significance of analyzing platforms like Etsy and Creative Market for template sales and exploring the potential of digital service monetization is emphasized.
Success in Monetizing Tik Tok Traffic.
Dave sells monetized Tik Tok accounts for $1,000, similar to YouTube's Partner program.
Jordan Welsh focuses on Drop Shipping, with over 1 million subscribers.
Welsh promotes Tri Viral Vault software for $67/month to audience interested in Drop Shipping.
Both creators demonstrate strategies for monetizing online traffic and building successful online businesses.
Creators leveraging their online presence to promote courses and software.
One creator has made nearly $100 million selling his own software and course.
Another creator is promoting a course on starting a digital marketing agency, linking to his own software.
Recommendations for platforms to sell online courses include school.com and teachable.com, offering features like community tabs and unlimited course hosting.
Utilizing platforms like Udemy, Etsy, Creative Market, and Gumroad for selling digital templates and courses.
Udemy provides easy course setup but has pricing limitations.
Etsy is a trusted platform with its own traffic flow, ideal for selling products.
Creative Market offers a platform for selling templates with existing traffic.
Gumroad is suitable for sellers but lacks built-in traffic, requiring additional effort to drive sales.
Generating traffic and making money online through selling products or services via websites or software.
Importance of researching demand before investing in software development.
Recommending tools like VidIQ for YouTube growth and offering viewer discounts.
Challenges and potential rewards of entering the online business world.