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How To Make A Video Game All By Yourself

Thomas Stewart2022-05-24
gamedev#indiedev#indie devlog
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The video explores the trend of solo game development, showcasing the speaker's journey and offering insights on the creative and mental aspects of game creation. Emphasizing the importance of passion and personal challenge over financial gain, the video advises on scope management, simplifying design, and preparation for release. A recommended book provides practical tips and motivation for aspiring game developers looking to embark on their independent game development journey.

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Rise in solo game development interest.
Speaker shares journey of making multiple games independently and becoming a full-time game developer.
Emphasis on fun and challenges of creating games alone, wearing multiple hats like programmer, artist, and producer.
Mention of book 'How to Make a Game All by Yourself' by Matt Hackett offering valuable insights and tips for aspiring game developers.
Book covers creative ideation, selecting game engines, and managing scope for successful game development process.
Importance of Game Development Beyond Financial Gain
Making a game involves mental challenges in addition to technical and artistic ones.
Game development should be pursued for fun, creative expression, and personal challenge.
The role of a game developer as a producer requires motivation and mental health.
Practical tips for game development include choosing a game engine and finding the fun in the process.
Importance of making your game opinionated, managing scope, and preparing for marketing and release.
Speak loudly and pick a clear lane to express yourself when developing a game.
Avoid creating complex projects like MMOs or online multiplayer games when finishing a game by yourself.
Cut down ideas to simplify game design and finish projects efficiently.
Speaker recommends a book for game development beginners with realistic expectations and motivational energy.