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Let's Talk About Rebirth's Ending | Theories & Ultimania Details *SPOILERS*

Maximilian Dood2024-04-19
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The video delves into the world of Final Fantasy 7, exploring themes like multiple worlds, character fates, and storytelling complexity. Insights into the upcoming remake, character interpretations, and potential game features are shared. The development team's dedication and challenges faced during production are highlighted, along with discussions on endings, character arcs, and fan expectations. The video also touches on the significance of Advent Children elements, Cloud's mental state, and the project's evolution. Overall, the video offers a deep dive into the intricacies of Final Fantasy 7 and the remake project's development process.

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Return to Normal Content Creation
The speaker reflects on transitioning from intense gaming to regular life, experiencing separation anxiety.
Role of Ultimania
Ultimania provides context rather than definitive answers.
Speculation on White Materia
Speaker speculates on the significance of white materia in Final Fantasy 7 and its impact on the storyline.
Insights into Game Worlds and Characters
Discussion on different worlds in the game and mysteries surrounding key characters like Zach and Seph.
Discussion of multiple worlds based on Zach's choices.
Questioning the necessity of focusing on six different worlds.
Speculation on Zach's whereabouts in the end, potentially in their world.
Creation of different worlds through dog breeds and references to a rainbow effect.
Comparison to the Multiverse concept in Loki and potential for various timelines.
Final Fantasy 7 Remake details revealed.
Nojima is close to finishing writing the main scenario for part three, ensuring a satisfying conclusion for fans.
Speculation arises regarding the title for part three, hinting it may not be 'Reunion.'
New elements and surprises are promised for the Final Fantasy 7 world, keeping fans excited for the next installment.
Discussion on potential title 'Return or Returns' for final game and uncertainty about story's direction and game details.
Introduction of character Glenn from FF7 Rebirth.
Hints at a scalable world map in the current game and expectation of surprises in upcoming game features.
Speculation on implementation of flying freedom in high graphic detail.
Trust in developers' ability to deliver, impressive traversal capabilities in Final Fantasy Rebirth with no loading screens, and admiration for the combat simulator's quality.
Symbolism of CG art in the game, focusing on Cloud and Zack's names representing the sky, with meteor symbolism.
Yuffie's first love story scene highlighted as heartwarming and charming, evoking positive emotions.
Significance of the feather at the start of the journey mentioned, possibly related to an angel theme.
Discussion on Gold Saucer date resolution scenes resembling a dating sim.
Clarification on the canon status of certain scenes provided.
Uncertainty surrounding the fate of character Aith in the game.
Different interpretations exist based on visual cues and character interactions, leading to varied conclusions among fans.
Developers provide fan service with ambiguous story elements, keeping the true outcome hidden.
Prevailing belief is that Aith survives, as indicated by subtle details and character reactions.
Discussion highlights the complexity of storytelling in the game and the intrigue generated by the unresolved fate of Aith.
Discussion on the character Aith in the game and theories about her existence.
Aith's presence in Cloud's mind is explored as a coping mechanism or a tool for manipulation.
The complexity of Aith's role in Cloud's mental state is discussed and how it evolves in the game.
The conclusion suggests that Aith's existence may encompass all theories, offering new insights into her significance in the storyline.
Potential convergence and new content teased by developers in the game.
Final CG ending interpretation questioned due to new information, sparking player curiosity.
Significant expansion hinted at for the next game, possibly referencing Advent Children, thrilling fans.
Excitement and speculation surrounding playable Advent Children sequences in the game, with hopes for future character interactions.
Incorporation of elements from Advent Children into the game for thematic reasons, including alternate costumes and a final battle sequence.
Emphasis on Cloud finding strength to defeat Sephiroth.
Advent Children's fight scenes and choreography are influential, despite storytelling and character development shortcomings.
Speculation about a legendary sex scene Materia in the game that players may have to find.
Overall focus on delivering an impressive end product for fans.
Retaining the same staff for three years led to efficiency and quality in the development of FF7 Rebirth.
Keeping 80% of the staff avoided new learning curves and allowed the team to focus on game development challenges.
This approach showcased the benefits of retaining legacy skills within a development team for smoother transitions and more efficient production.
Development of Final Fantasy VII Remake project
Nomura, Kats, and Nojima highlighted the dedication needed for the project.
Nomura initially regretted starting the project due to the time and effort required.
The game had been in development for several years before the official announcement in 2015.
The project's evolution demonstrated the team's commitment and challenges faced during creation.
Debate over the ending of Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy.
Discussion on whether the ending should be entirely happy or include elements of loss.
Nojima initially wanted a big happy ending but was persuaded otherwise by the team.
Focus on wrapping up part three positively and ensuring closure for characters.
Emphasis on addressing personal opinions to create a satisfying conclusion.
FF7 developers aim for a bittersweet conclusion with unanswered questions to be addressed in the next game.
Fans have been teased for years, craving answers and payoff.
Despite feeling betrayed by the devs stealing a character's goodbye, there is hope for an even better moment in the future.
Developers are aware of fan reactions and are working towards enhancing the next game.
The next game will align with concerns raised about part two of the series.
The video game remake project is a massive undertaking unlike anything done before in the industry, with players waiting almost 10 years for the resolution.
The commitment to this project is unprecedented, akin to a marriage proposal.
The characters in the game exist in multiple worlds simultaneously, creating a unique and complex storyline.
The reason behind the Multiverse Shenanigans and boss fights is to provide epic moments and culminations.
The challenge lies in creating satisfying conclusions for each game to avoid boring endings.
Analysis of storytelling elements in Final Fantasy 7.
The speaker questions the need for complex world-building in the third part of the game, suggesting existing setup is enough.
Emphasis on impactful final moments and epic battles as key components of the narrative.
Argues that additional elements may not be necessary to enhance the game's conclusion.
Analysis of Cloud's state of mind and significance of scenes from original FF7.
Importance of clarity and explanations regarding Cloud's internal struggles and mysteries surrounding characters like Vincent.
Discussion on Cloud's repression of memories and emotions, showcasing the complexity of his character development.
Emphasis on themes explored in the game related to Cloud's internal struggles and character growth.
The discussion of Cloud's mental state and multiple realities in the game.
Cloud is actively rejecting events, causing confusion and uncertainty.
Tifa's presence in the Life stream offers a different perspective on events.
Developers clarify that Cloud's experiences do not involve two timelines, but rather his mental state.
The narrative hints at convergence and Cloud experiencing different things at different times, adding complexity to the storyline.