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This Game is an Absolute Mess! Lords of the Fallen - Review

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The video discusses the game Lords of the Fallen, a Souls-like game set in a dark fantasy world with tough enemies and big boss fights. It introduces new mechanics like the umbrell lamp and Land of the Dead, engaging story, and extra classes for replay value. However, frustrating mechanics in the Land of the Dead, lack of enemy diversity, and technical issues like bugs are highlighted. Despite these flaws, the game's immersive world and character development are praised, with hope for a sequel that addresses weaknesses. Overall, the game struggles to stand out in a crowded genre but has potential for improvement.

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Summary of Lords of the Fallen video game segment.
Players must defeat the evil demon Lord by fixing beacons in the dark fantasy world of Morstead.
The game features tough enemies, big boss fights, morally ambiguous choices, and challenging gameplay.
Quality of life improvements like armor tinkering and ammo replenishment are included.
However, the game lacks originality and innovation compared to previous Souls games, making it struggle to stand out in the crowded genre.
New mechanics in the game, including the use of the umbrella lamp and access to the Land of the Dead for a second chance.
Players can find secret paths and upgrades in the Land of the Dead realm.
The story is engaging, revealing the tragic history of the world and questioning the motives of deities.
Players can unlock extra classes upon completion, incentivizing replay.
Unique feature of new game plus zero mode allows players to start again with the same difficulty level.
Frustrating mechanics in the Land of the Dead introduce challenges for players.
Respawned enemies and a timer add to the difficulty, leading to frustration.
Boss enemies appearing as normal enemies diminish their impact on gameplay.
Lack of enemy diversity and reskins contribute to a monotonous experience.
Despite challenges and design flaws, players eventually overcome difficulties, finding the game unfair but manageable in the end.
Critique of gameplay elements in a specific game.
Lack of automatic XP collection, absence of a Parry button, and the need to physically pick up items from fallen enemies are highlighted.
Character development and story are critiqued for unfulfilled expectations.
Light Reaper is pointed out as a major threat that fails to fulfill the promised Nemesis role.
Questioning of game mechanics lore and unresolved plot points.
Summary of Dark Souls Endings
The Radiant ending requires defeating a deer and evaporating.
The Umbrell ending leads to chaos and insanity.
The most satisfying ending is The Inferno, where siding with a deer results in being valued and thanked for his release.
The video emphasizes the lack of satisfaction and accomplishment in the other endings, highlighting the importance of choice and impact on the world through the game's various paths.
Discussion on the abundance of weapons, with 217 available in the game.
Lack of uniqueness in attacks and stats among the weapons, in comparison to Dark Souls 3.
Highlight of technical issues in the game, including bugs, glitches, frame rate drops, and broken endings.
Despite drawbacks, the player enjoys the game for its world and story, reminiscent of Dark Souls 2.
Bosses are recognized for their emotional impact and connection to the world.
Positive review of post-launch efforts and free content in Lords of the Fallen.
Appreciation for immersive world and character development despite technical issues.
Hope for a sequel that builds on strengths and addresses weaknesses.
Hesitation to recommend purchasing due to existing problems.
Optimism for improvement and successful sequel from developers learning from mistakes.
Engaging atmosphere created with music and applause.
Music added energy and excitement to the segment.
Applause from the audience showed appreciation for the content.
Audience was actively engaged and entertained throughout the segment.