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Playing Like This Will Get You Kicked From Public Matches

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TJ showcases the significant improvement in his marksmanship skills in normal lobbies after VR training, intentionally disadvantaging himself in a match to demonstrate his enhanced abilities with a single-shot rifle on close-range maps. Despite the disadvantage, TJ's map knowledge and positioning allow him to continue his impressive streak, highlighting the importance of tactical awareness in FPS games like Call of Duty.

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TJ trains his VR marksmanship with virtual stock and longer range maps.
TJ notices his marksmanship training is paying off in normal lobbies.
He intentionally disadvantages himself to showcase his improved skills.
TJ demonstrates his improved marksmanship in a regular lobby and then intentionally disadvantages himself by switching to a close-range map.
He gets a kill with a grenade launcher from a distance.
Switches to a close-range map called Shipment.
Gets multiple kills with quick and precise shots.
TJ continues to showcase his disadvantage by getting kills on the close-range map with a single shot rifle.
Asks if someone has "rust".
Captures a flag and emphasizes the importance of high ground.
Manages to climb to a higher position and get more kills.
TJ maintains his disadvantage on the close-range map but still performs well, getting a kill with a single shot despite being kicked.
Achieves a kill with a grenade launcher.
Gets another kill with a single shot despite the close range.
Manages to climb to a higher position and get more kills.
Gets kicked but still lands a kill with a single shot.
💫 FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How did TJ train his VR Marksmanship?

TJ trained his VR Marksmanship by enabling virtual stock and hosting longer range maps with bolt action rifles only.

2. What did TJ observe after returning to normal lobbies?

TJ noticed that his Marksmanship training is paying off more than he thought.

3. How did TJ purposely disadvantage himself in the game?

TJ purposely disadvantaged himself by switching to a close range map after demonstrating his improved Marksmanship.

4. What did TJ's gameplay demonstrate about the importance of map knowledge and positioning?

TJ's gameplay demonstrated that having good map knowledge and positioning can offset certain disadvantages and enhance overall performance.

5. What weapon did TJ use to showcase his improved marksmanship in the regular lobby?

TJ used a single shot rifle to showcase his improved marksmanship in the regular lobby.