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Starting The Laziest Way to Make Money From Your Phone ($100+/Day)

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The video provides a method to make money online by creating YouTube channels with stock footage and voiceovers to generate ad revenue. It emphasizes prioritizing views and monetized views over subscribers and likes. Choosing a profitable niche, using AI tools for content creation, editing videos, and utilizing affiliate marketing are key strategies discussed. The video also highlights the potential revenue from affiliate marketing and offers a free training session on making money on YouTube without creating videos.

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Making money online through YouTube channels with stock footage and voiceovers.
Strategy involves generating ad revenue through the YouTube Partner Program, focusing on views and monetized views.
Prioritize views and monetized views over subscribers and likes for significant monthly income.
Optimizing content and following proven systems can create a network of successful videos.
Demonstrated process on presenter's phone shows accessibility and potential profitability of this method.
Selecting a profitable niche is crucial for a successful YouTube channel.
Health is a recommended niche due to its popularity and revenue potential.
Researching popular channels within the niche can provide video ideas.
InVideo AI can assist in creating engaging content by generating video prompts and aiding with script writing.
Providing original scripts and value to viewers is essential for successful video creation.
Using AI technology to streamline video creation process.
AI engine quickly generates video based on prompt, showcasing efficiency and customization options.
Generated video includes subtitles and can be edited based on additional prompts.
AI assistant offers valuable tool for content creation, simplifying the process and generating engaging content within minutes.
Editing videos using an editing tool, adding stock clips, editing scripts, and uploading custom scenes.
Exporting videos, removing watermarks, and uploading to YouTube.
Benefits of long-form videos for ad revenue and using nid AI for content creation.
Steps for creating a YouTube channel, selecting the best settings, and creating thumbnails.
Consistency in posting videos is crucial for channel growth and success.
Generating consistent views and revenue on YouTube through AI-backed video creation.
Uploading five videos per week and using scheduling tools can help creators build momentum and earn over $100 per day.
Quality content is crucial as a small percentage of videos usually drive the majority of views.
Incorporating affiliate marketing through platforms like digistore24 or ClickBank can significantly increase earnings.
Strategic promotion of products related to the channel's niche can potentially result in higher earnings from affiliate marketing compared to ad revenue alone.
Potential revenue from product at $27 with over 9,200 buyers amounts to almost $4 million.
Viewers are encouraged to join a free training session revealing secrets to making money on YouTube without creating videos.
Training session promises a step-by-step guide without any fluff.
The session will be presented by MTT Par who will share four secrets.