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12 YouTube Channels You Can Start To make $10,000 Per Month

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The video provides tips on creating successful YouTube channels without showing faces, emphasizing niche content, consistent uploads, and utilizing stock footage. It discusses generating revenue through ad revenue, affiliate marketing, and selling courses, showcasing successful channels like Digital Engine and Debtbusters USA. The importance of long-form content, sponsorships, and AI tools in content creation is highlighted, along with strategies for engaging viewers and maximizing income potential. Focus areas include travel guides, American football, meditation, true crime, philosophical concepts, and online money-making strategies. The video concludes with secrets for maximizing revenue and growth in YouTube automation channels.

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Potential YouTube channel ideas that can earn over $10,000 per month without showing faces on camera.
Digital Engine is cited as an example, focusing on trending topics like artificial intelligence news to attract high viewer interest.
With only 16 videos, Digital Engine is able to garner 1.2 million views monthly, showcasing the power of niche content.
The video highlights the importance of consistent uploads and offers insights on generating revenue through ad revenue and affiliate marketing.
Tips on finding free stock footage for channel content creation are also provided, emphasizing the importance of quality visuals for success.
Benefits of using Storyblocks.com for YouTube channels.
Storyblocks.com provides specialized stock footage for YouTube channels with unlimited content for a monthly fee.
The platform offers built-in templates for various editing software and eliminates the need to pay per clip, reducing copyright concerns.
'Before You Go Now' is a successful YouTube channel focusing on travel guides with significant viewership despite a modest subscriber count.
The channel benefits from high CPM rates in the travel niche due to lucrative advertising opportunities from companies like Expedia.
Channel receives a million views per month despite not uploading for 4 months.
Long-form content attracts more advertisers and generates higher revenue.
Shorter videos contribute fewer views compared to long-form content.
Utilizing stock clips and free video editing tools can streamline content creation.
Bestie Health channel with 3,000 videos and 4 million subscribers emphasizes consistent content creation.
Revenue generation opportunities for YouTube channels.
Channels can earn substantial revenue through ad revenue and affiliate marketing, with top channels making millions from ads.
Luxury-focused channels with high subscriber counts can potentially earn over $10,000 per month.
Channels can also sell courses related to their content, with the potential to make thousands per day and over $10,000 per month.
Creating your own course on YouTube can be a lucrative source of passive income for years.
Teach something desirable, like Tube Master, to attract viewers seeking to learn.
Channels like Top 10 Zone earn money through sponsorships, potentially making over $100,000 per month.
Sponsorships are a significant revenue stream for YouTube channels, allowing for substantial profits through collaborations with different companies.
Monetizing YouTube channels through affiliate links and ad revenue can generate significant income.
Affiliate links in video descriptions allow channels to earn commissions from product sales, potentially making over $10,000 per month.
A sports channel focusing on American football utilizes individual player stories and creative stock footage to avoid copyright issues.
Despite a low $3 CPM, the channel still generates $18,000 a month from ad revenue.
The success of the sports channel highlights effective strategies for engaging viewers and generating substantial income.
Debtbusters USA YouTube channel generates $110,000 per month through affiliate sales of AI software, focusing on monthly recurring revenue.
The creator uses AI tools like Tube Magic and Play.HT to produce value-packed videos on AI software, emphasizing the importance of using AI tools for scriptwriting, voiceovers, and video production.
The channel provides insights on finding the best AI tools for different subjects, catering to a niche audience seeking informative content.
Key Highlights for Creating a Successful YouTube Meditation Channel
Focus on audio content rather than video to create effective meditations.
Use tools like Tube Magic or Chat GPT to generate meditation content.
Incorporate background music to enhance the meditation experience.
Monetize the channel through ads, selling custom meditations, or affiliate products.
Explore With Us channel gained popularity through true crime trend, particularly interrogation videos, with millions of views per month.
Success of 'Philosophies for Life' channel through whiteboard videos on philosophical concepts and famous philosophers.
Use of Video Scribe for creating animations leading to millions of views.
Potential revenue from selling courses based on these concepts.
Focus on popular philosophers like Marcus Aurelius and Seneca for maximum views.
Success of 'Patty Galloway' channel through featuring the creator's face, proving faceless channels are not necessary for content creation.
YouTuber gains 1 million subscribers in 6 months without showing his face.
Utilizes whiteboard animation software and shares tips for success.
Channel still receives 130,000 monthly views despite not uploading for over a year.
Promotes affiliate course for making money on YouTube without creating videos, offering 50% commission.
Cash Pro channel with 140,000 subscribers focuses on online money-making strategies.
The segment discusses how YouTube channels can make significant money through ad revenue and selling courses within the make money online niche.
Insights are shared on calculating potential earnings based on views, highlighting the lucrative nature of the niche.
Tips are provided on utilizing screen recording apps, stock footage, and memes to enhance content quality.
The segment concludes with recommendations on four key secrets for YouTube automation channels to maximize revenue and growth potential.