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17 NEW Trends That Are Guaranteed To Make Money In 2024

Wholesale Ted2024-02-13
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The video highlights 17 trending niches for making money, including Japanese art, retirement products, AI chatbots, politics, Boho style, deep work, stained glass designs, saving money, thrifting, video marketing, custom dog gifts, urban planning, high protein diets, neurodiversity products, and 2000s nostalgia. It discusses strategies for monetizing these trends through print-on-demand, affiliate marketing, dropshipping, and content creation on platforms like Etsy, Ali Express, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest. The video emphasizes the potential for financial success in these lucrative niches.

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Trending niches for making money in 2021 include Japanese art and culture.
Utilize tools like Google Trends to identify popular topics within the niche.
Profitable avenues within Japanese art include print on demand products, digital products, and affiliate commissions.
Historical Japanese artwork is in demand on platforms such as Etsy and Ali Express.
Japanese streetwear and quiz videos related to Japanese culture are also lucrative niches for content creators.
Lucrative trends in creating list videos and niche content.
Stock and creative commons videos on popular topics like best places to visit in Japan can generate revenue.
Retirement niche offers opportunities with print on demand stores and affiliate marketing for retirement-related products.
Interest in AI chatbots like Chat GPT is increasing, with high ad rates for tutorial videos.
Politics, particularly during the USA election year, is a profitable niche for content creators worldwide.
Popular Political Niche Products on Etsy and TikTok.
News and quiz videos are profitable on TikTok, with one creator earning over $25,000 monthly from news videos.
Quiz videos are lucrative and less controversial than other content types.
Boho style is trending, influenced by counterculture movements like the hippie era, with Boho jewelry and merch selling well on platforms like Ali Express and Etsy.
Decluttering trend is gaining popularity on platforms like TikTok, with digital and printable products in this niche becoming popular.
Trends in deep work, advertising revenue on YouTube and TikTok, and popular niches like the preppy aesthetic and stained glass designs.
Rising interest in deep work, focusing on tasks without distractions to maximize productivity.
The preppy aesthetic and stained glass designs are trending in the creation of products and art pieces.
Opportunities for success in creating printable patterns and combining stained glass style with products like mugs.
Importance of financial management, saving money, and budgeting despite inflation.
Increase in interest in saving money and budgeting due to inflation.
Surge in topics like couponing, thrifting, and knitting to save money.
Trend of making money through print-on-demand items and dropshipping.
Rise in video marketing, specifically on YouTube and TikTok.
Customized gifts gaining popularity, in line with Etsy's data.
Recommendation to start a social media agency focusing on video marketing for potential success.
Rise of Custom Dog Gifts on Etsy and Ali Express Dropshipping for Custom Jewelry.
Customizable digital downloads and print on demand pet and human portraits are top sellers on Etsy, often created by freelance artists.
Ali Express dropshipping for custom jewelry on Shopify is a profitable avenue for personalized products.
Trend of Urban Planning for Walkable Cities with a focus on pedestrian-friendly design and public transport.
Insights on High Protein Diets and ways to monetize through affiliate programs and content creation on platforms like Pinterest and YouTube.
Rise in Interest in Neurodiversity and Nostalgia Products.
Etsy is witnessing an increase in neurodiversity-related items such as journals and workbooks.
Nostalgia for the 2000s, especially gothic clothing, is becoming popular.
Ali Express offers a range of products catering to this nostalgia trend.
Nostalgia products are profitable due to the brain's natural inclination towards nostalgia.