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Why I returned my Oura Ring

Minute Mon2024-02-18
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The video compares the features and designs of the Oura Ring and Ultra Human Ring, highlighting differences in pricing, design options, app interfaces, and additional features. Both rings track health metrics, are made of lightweight titanium, and lack screens. Oura Ring offers more design options and a nicer packaging, while Ultra Human Ring has a simpler design and a flat fee pricing model. The apps for both rings provide similar functions for tracking sleep, exercise, and recovery, with Ultra Human offering a free app and anticipating competition from other tech companies entering the smart ring market.

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A comparison between Oura Ring and Ultra human smart rings is made.
Both rings track health metrics like sleep, activity, and readiness score through an app.
Oura Ring offers various design options at different price points, while Ultra human has a simpler design.
Sizing kits are recommended for a perfect fit, as both rings are made of lightweight titanium.
Both rings are comfortable for all-day wear, screenless, and data is viewed through an app.
Comparison between Oura Ring and Ultrahuman Ring features and design.
Both rings are not meant to replace traditional wedding bands and may scratch over time.
Recommendations on when to wear the ring during activities like showers, workouts, and weightlifting.
Details on charging speed and battery life, with Oura Ring charging faster and lasting longer.
Contrasts between Or Ring and Ultrahuman app interfaces, with Or Ring providing a more polished and user-friendly experience, including advanced data tracking and health notifications.
Comparison between Ring and Ultrahuman apps for tracking sleep, movement, and body temperature.
Ring app costs $6 per month, while Ultrahuman offers a premium membership for $30 a month.
Ultrahuman includes additional features like stimulant permissible window and food tracking.
Workout mode on Ultrahuman was not accurate, suggesting using other devices like Apple Watch or Garmin.
Both apps can connect to Apple Health and Apple Watch, providing similar data on sleep score and readiness. Step count was accurate on both apps.
Comparison between Or Ring and Ultra Human Ring Air features and costs.
Or Ring charges $6 a month for the app and offers designs priced between $299 to $549.
Ultra Human Ring Air has a flat fee of $349, includes a free app, and a trade-in program.
Or Ring becomes useless after membership expires, providing only meditation classes.
Ultra Human Ring Air was found to be more appealing and cost-effective by the user who tried it.
Comparison of Ultra Human and Aura Ring apps for sleep tracking, exercise, and recovery.
Despite differences in polish and ease of navigation, both apps offer similar functions.
Ultra Human offers a single flat price and a free app, preparing for competition from Samsung and Apple.
Reviewer encourages sharing experiences with health tracking devices and provides discount code for Ultra Human.
Focus on functionality and potential future developments in the smart ring market.