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How to Make Money On YouTube With Easy Faceless Videos (Using AI Tools)

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The video segments discuss the benefits of using AI tools like Chat GPT for creating video ideas, stress management tips, video editing techniques using Wave.video, incorporating stock clips, adding titles for viewer engagement, and creating AI-generated videos. It highlights the importance of subtitles, thumbnails, and providing evergreen content for YouTube success. The video also showcases the features of Wave.video for professional video editing, including auto-transcription and translation, and offers deals on AppSumo for software discounts. Additionally, it promotes a free course on growing YouTube channels without showing your face for valuable insights.

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Brainy Dose and Body Hub are successful YouTube channels generating significant ad revenue.
The video explains the strategy of creating faceless YouTube channels and utilizing AI tools for video content ideas.
Chat GPT, a free AI writing software, can provide 30 video suggestions based on popular channels.
It is recommended to select a niche based on personal interest and identify successful video ideas with over 100,000 views.
Steps to Lower Stress and Create a YouTube Video.
Utilize tools like Chat GPT to easily write a script and run it through Copy Escape for value addition.
Record a voiceover for the video.
Import clips into a video editor like Wave.video.
Wave.video offers a Black Friday deal on AppSumo along with other software deals for YouTube creators.
Accessing Black Friday specials on App Sumo and redeeming codes for discounted software.
Importing and editing video clips on Wave.video, including adding audio tracks, trimming, and editing out mistakes.
Highlighting the built-in timeline feature on Wave.video as a useful tool for editing.
Emphasizing the importance of stress management in today's fast-paced world.
Providing a demonstration of cutting out mistakes in audio clips.
Using stock clips in video editing to enhance content.
Access a library of stock clips within the editing platform to easily find relevant clips based on audio content.
Simplifies the editing process and eliminates the need to search and download clips from external sources.
Emphasizes the efficiency and convenience of using stock clips directly within the editing software, saving time and storage space.
Highlights the benefits of incorporating videos over pictures for a more engaging final product.
Benefits of editing videos online without the need for downloads or a powerful computer.
Time-saving aspect and availability of free video clips emphasized.
Utilize stock media websites for additional clips if needed.
Easy video editing features demonstrated, such as adding transitions and adjusting clip durations.
Stress reduction strategies and the impact of chronic stress on health discussed.
Importance of adding titles to videos using wave.video.
Titles can help maintain viewer attention, increase watch time, and attract more views and revenue.
Easily add titles through the program, with a variety of text templates to choose from.
Automatic fading in and out feature saves time on manual transitions, creating a polished and professional look.
Incorporating titles throughout the video can enhance engagement and deliver key points effectively.
Overview of Video Editing Software Features
Users can customize videos with overlays, stickers, gifs, and music to enhance their content.
Adding background music and captions can make videos more professional and engaging.
Auto-transcribing and translating videos is possible, with the suggestion to use one line per caption for better viewer engagement.
Subtitles are emphasized for accessibility, particularly for viewers watching videos without sound.
Tips for a Peaceful and Balanced Life
The video emphasizes the importance of mindfulness and meditation for improving insights and achieving balance.
It also highlights the significance of using subtitles to maintain engagement in videos.
The process of replacing videos, exporting, and creating thumbnails for YouTube uploads is outlined.
Providing evergreen content to viewers is crucial for long-term success.
Importance of creating a compelling thumbnail for YouTube videos.
Successful thumbnails trends include large text next to the main image.
Demonstration on how to quickly create a thumbnail using Wave.video.
Mention of a successful YouTube channel generating views and revenue with software tutorials without verbal explanations.
Features of Wave.video including screen recording, audio recording, editing, and AI video generation.
Creating AI-generated videos using Wave.video tools.
Demonstrates ease of generating videos without manual effort, emphasizing voiceover enhancements with 11 Labs.
Recommends exploring additional tools for more realistic voiceovers.
Promotes Wave.video as a great video editor and encourages viewers to take advantage of an appsumo deal.
Teases a free course on growing YouTube channels without showing your face for valuable insights.