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I Found the Newest affordable PREFAB HOME in America!!

Kerry Tarnow2023-12-07
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Liv BFF, a prefab home company in New Mexico, aims to revolutionize the housing industry with affordable homes using a panelized steel frame system. Founder Justin has extensive construction experience, offering prototypes ranging from 256 to 640 square feet that can be stacked four stories high. Their mission is to provide access to housing for all, focusing on faster construction, lower costs, and higher quality through an assembly line manufacturing process. With designs like the Haven and Dojo models, Liv BFF aims to cater to various needs and provide innovative housing solutions for all.

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Live BFF revolutionizing the housing industry in New Mexico with prefab homes.
Founder Justin has construction expertise and unveils four prototypes ranging from 256 to 640 square feet.
Homes designed for hurricane zones using a panelized steel frame system and can be stacked four stories high.
Mission of Live BFF is to provide affordable homes for everyone, ensuring a better future forever.
Liv BFF is revolutionizing housing with sustainable panel system prototypes near Las Cruces.
The panel system utilizes 100% recycled material and metal studs, featuring folding glass doors and large windows.
The Haven model offers 640 square feet with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.
The Dojo model provides additional space for versatile uses like a home office or gym.
Liv BFF's goal is to provide housing access for all Earth inhabitants through rapid deployable electrified panels.
Development of assembly line manufacturing process for housing construction.
Focus on creating housing at a faster pace, lower cost, and higher quality.
Goal to reduce price per square foot well below the national average through economies of scale.
Confidence in delivering to any jurisdiction in need of housing.
Emphasis on building a machine for constructing homes quickly and efficiently.
Liv BFF aims to revolutionize housing by offering affordable prefab homes to all.
The company has released four prototypes and offers a range of housing options like the Infiniti Suite and the Dojo.
These options cater to different needs such as home businesses or yoga studios.
Liv BFF's mission has the potential to attract significant interest and support as they develop innovative housing solutions.