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Create and automate your own AI influencer - full tutorial

Philipp Weiser 2024-03-07
no-code#no-code automation#virtual influencer#ai influencer
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The video showcases the creation and automation of AI influencers for social media, using tools like Render Net AI, Canva, and Magnific to enhance image quality. It also introduces Make for automating social media posting tasks, including image uploading, caption generation, and response management. The process involves integrating ChatGPT and the vision API for detailed image captions and streamlining social media engagement on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. The video emphasizes the importance of high-resolution images and efficient workflow management for multiple AI influencers. Viewers are encouraged to use the provided tools and codes for optimal results and feedback.

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Creating an AI influencer from scratch generates over €1,000 a month with 100,000+ followers.
Tutorial shows how to create and automate social media posting for an AI influencer, maintaining image quality and posture.
Secret to enhance image quality is revealed, along with automation for image captions, post creation, hashtagging, and comment responses.
Two methods for creating a digital influencer are discussed, with Mid Journey noted for high-quality image generation despite face consistency challenges.
Using Render Net AI for Image Generation
Render Net AI combines AI influencers with new prompts to generate images with face placement and control over positioning.
Less realistic images are a downside compared to mid-journey ones.
The recommendation is to mix both types of images and use Render Net AI along with a secret source for better results.
Render Net AI is affordable and offers a credit scheme for generating multiple images by selecting a model, using face lock, and specifying camera types for desired outcomes.
Using Canva's magic eraser tool for easy image retouching.
Import images into Canva, adjust eraser size, and make necessary adjustments.
Canva offers a simple and effective image editing solution, avoiding the need for expensive software like Adobe Photoshop.
The power of Canva's magic eraser is showcased in fixing minor imperfections in images.
Before and after results demonstrate significant improvements in image quality.
Importance of high image quality in AI-generated pictures.
AI upscaling enhances detail and realism in images compared to real photographs.
Upscaling process reimagines original images to significantly improve quality.
Real-life examples show AI upscaling transforming features like eyes, hair, freckles, and lips.
Viewers advised to adjust YouTube settings for optimal quality viewing.
Discussion of AI upscaler tool Magnific and its limitations.
Workflow recommendation for generating images for AI influencers using RenderNet, Canva or Photopia for corrections, and upscaling with Magnific.
Emphasis on deciding if quality improvements from Magnific are worth the cost.
Recommendation to automate social media posting using Make tool, with support links provided in the description.
Introduction to Make, a tool for automating social media posting, with customizable scenarios and blueprints available for purchase.
Scenario: Monitoring a Google Drive folder for new files, downloading and uploading them to Airtable.
Importance of making the Google Drive folder accessible to the public for Airtable functionality.
Description of Airtable as a powerful tool similar to Google Sheets for scheduling social media posts and tracking uploads to platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.
Automating image uploading and processing using Make.
Make allows scheduling tasks such as uploading images, creating captions, and posting on social media platforms.
Users can automate downloading images from Google Drive, uploading to Airtable, and sharing on Instagram by setting up scenarios.
Make simplifies workflow by handling tasks in the background, saving time and effort.
Demonstrates how Make streamlines repetitive tasks and enhances productivity for managing multiple AI influencers.
Workflow for generating image captions using Openi Vision API and ChatGPT.
Images are uploaded to Airtable, captions are generated using Openi Vision API and ChatGPT, then text is uploaded back to Airtable.
The workflow runs daily at 9 o'clock, processes images from Airtable, and uses API keys from open.com.
ChatGPT provides detailed captions based on image descriptions, allowing for more precision than generic text.
Parameters like max tokens and temperature can be adjusted for creativity in caption generation.
Using Chat GPT and the vision API to generate detailed image captions.
Emphasizes avoiding quotation marks in replies and passing vision API description for accurate results.
Updating records and adding image captions from Chat GPT enhances image context.
Vision API identifies specific details like brand logos in images for context-aware captions.
Integrating AI tools improves image caption quality.
Automating social media posting with random images and captions.
Businesses should use social media automation tools for efficient posting on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.
Process of authorizing connections for posting and creating Pinterest titles from captions.
Importance of including links in posts and not over-posting to avoid being banned by platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
Social media posting and engagement scenario overview.
Includes posting on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest with automatic updates and captions.
Checking for new comments every four hours, categorizing posts and comments in Airtable, and ensuring appropriate responses.
Safeguards in place to prevent posting inappropriate content and efficiently manage a large number of comments and posts.
Searching for new comments, organizing posts by last comment time, and creating new entries if media IDs are not found.
Filtering and Responding to Comments on a Post
Filters are used to manage comments based on criteria like number and timestamp of the last update.
Inappropriate comments are handled separately with notifications or messages sent based on the response.
Loop actions on comments within a post are aggregated at the end to update common counts and timestamps.
The aggregator action ensures that the final action is executed only once, updating relevant data for future comment monitoring.
Creating a blog list of commentators for Instagram comments.
Plans to expand to other social media channels if successful.
Mention of automatic posting to social media and automatic comment response features.
Audience encouraged to use a provided code for purchasing scenarios and share feedback.
Creator expresses willingness to enhance content based on viewers' response, ending with a thank you message and anticipation for future interactions.