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2024 Design Trends

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Adobe Trend research has identified and named several visual styles that are on the rise in 2024, including calming rhythms, 3D gradients, Japanese bento box-inspired designs, simple doodles and sketches, and the use of pixels and dots combined with other elements. Additionally, generative AI is expected to have a massive impact on images, with potential sub-trends such as anti-AI, content authenticity verification, and detailism emerging.

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Introduction to Visual Trends in Graphic Design for 2024
Adobe Trend research identified a visual style named calming rhythms, which emphasizes repetition and visual rhythm in graphic design.
The trend also relies on ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) triggers and is influenced by Peach fuzz Pantone's color of the year.
3D gradients, inspired by the inflate feature in Adobe Illustrator and variable font format, are becoming popular in graphic design.
Japanese bento box-inspired structure is trending for user interfaces and compositions, with a focus on clever interactions between elements.
Simple doodles, sketches, and cartoon characters are a popular style, especially when combined with other elements like photography or 3D renders.
There is a rise in using pixels and dots with other smoother elements for contrast, grabbing viewer's attention.
Rise of Generative AI in 2024
Generative AI will have a massive impact on how we interact with images in 2024.
Predictions include an anti AI trend, the rise of the content authenticity initiative (CAI) to identify generated images, and the development of detailism as a visual style.
Generative AI technology, like Magnific AI, is advancing rapidly, with the potential to make generated pixels the new vectors.
Another subtrend is AI ism, which embraces the quirks and mistakes of generative AI in compositions.
💫 FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the 'calming rhythms' visual style mentioned in the video?

The 'calming rhythms' visual style is characterized by repetition and visual rhythm, often utilizing ASMR triggers and the color Peach Fuzz Pantone. It is known for its positive and relaxing qualities, contributing to a pleasing composition.

2. How is the use of 3D gradients evolving in graphic design?

The use of 3D gradients in graphic design is on the rise, with a focus on irregular gradients created by 3D objects or environments. This trend is being widely applied to typography, product shots, and photography, adding a positive vibe to compositions.

3. What is the trend inspired by Japanese bento boxes, and how is it being utilized?

The trend inspired by Japanese bento boxes is characterized by distinct separation between containers or bounding boxes, often used for user interfaces and showcasing multiple elements in a composition. There is a rise in creative interactions within this style, encouraging thinking outside the box.

4. How is generative AI expected to influence the future of visual imagery?

Generative AI is predicted to have a massive impact on visual imagery, leading to potential anti-AI trends and the need for tools to determine the authenticity of generated images. The advancement of generative AI technology may also introduce new visual styles like 'detailism' and 'AI-ism'.