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5 Highest Paying Non-Coding Tech Jobs (Entry Level)

Shane Hummus2022-06-15
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Digital marketing, tech sales, IT jobs, UX/UI design, and data analysis are lucrative fields with high earning potential. Entry-level positions are available with opportunities for growth and advancement. These careers appeal to a wide range of individuals and offer the possibility of significant income without prior experience or a college degree. Viewers are encouraged to engage with the video for more content.

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Highlights of Digital Marketing Career Opportunities:
Digital marketing is a high-demand field with entry-level positions available and a potential salary of $76,000 per year.
The field does not require prior experience or a college degree, appealing to a wide range of personalities.
It includes paid advertising on platforms like Facebook and Google, as well as search engine optimization.
Digital marketing offers various specialties for individuals with different strengths, making it a versatile and lucrative career choice.
Overview of Tech Sales Career Opportunities
Tech sales, or sales development, focuses on selling technology products/services in a B2B setting.
Emphasis is on building long-term relationships rather than high-pressure sales tactics.
Entry-level jobs in sales development are plentiful, offering a quick career switch with no experience required.
Average earnings for business development representatives are around $79,000, with potential for significant growth in earnings.
Opportunities in IT and Design Fields on LinkedIn.
Entry-level IT jobs on LinkedIn can offer around $72,000 annually, with potential for higher earnings.
UX and UI design are separate fields focusing on customer experience and artistic website design.
Both fields offer numerous job opportunities, particularly at the entry level, with UI design having the most postings.
Data analysis is highlighted as a valuable skill set, with the potential to earn significant income due to its importance in interpreting and utilizing data for business success.
Lucrative field with high entry-level salaries.
Opportunities for growth into project or product management.
High demand for data analysts shown by 191,000 job postings in the last month.
Success stories like Abdul making over $70,000 in tech sales in their first year.
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