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WGU Data Analytics Degree: How To Graduate In 6 Months

Shane Hummus2023-01-26
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The video provides a detailed guide on obtaining a data analytics degree from Western Governors University in as little as six months through competency-based testing and credit transfer. It emphasizes using third-party resources like study.com and sophia.org to accelerate the process and save time and money. Graduating in 18 months is achievable, compared to traditional programs taking 5 years. The video highlights efficient studying, enrolling for one term, and celebrating completion. Viewers can also save money on study.com using the code 'Shanehummus'. Overall, the video promotes fast and affordable degree completion through strategic planning and resource utilization.

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Achieving a Data Analytics degree from Western Governors University in six months through its competency-based model.
The competency-based model allows students to test out of classes based on their competence, speeding up the degree timeline.
The legitimacy of the degree is emphasized, with WGU being recommended as the best Competency Based University.
Other reputable universities like tesu Excelsior and Southern New Hampshire University are mentioned.
The first step in obtaining the degree involves obtaining transcripts and transferring existing units to expedite the process.
Transfer military experience, career certificates, AP and IB classes, and Udemy classes to WGU.
Importance of transferring previous units to receive a list of remaining classes.
Recommended third-party companies like study.com, straighterline.com, and sophia.com for efficient class completion.
Cheat sheet for WGU classes provided, with study.com highlighted as the top choice.
Student completed 50% of classes in a month using third-party resources, demonstrating faster and more affordable completion.
Importance of pre-studying classes before enrolling in WGU.
Utilize resources like the WGU subreddit for tips and strategies.
Graduating in 18 months is achievable based on testimonials, although traditional bachelor's degrees typically take 5 years.
Data analytics and data management programs at WGU may take 4-5 years but can be completed in 18 months with dedication.
Enrolling at WGU for one term (6 months) is recommended for efficient completion of courses.
Graduating with a degree in six months from WGU by transferring credits and testing out of classes.
Emphasizes the use of study.com and sophia.org for testing out of classes, and mentions CompTIA certifications for IT management.
The process involves transferring credits, testing out of classes, and completing remaining classes to graduate.
Provides a step-by-step example of how an average person can realistically achieve this goal within a year of study.
Highlights the efficient use of resources and prior learning in the graduation process.
Overview of obtaining a data management and data analytics degree from WGU.
Pre-study classes efficiently to prepare for enrollment at WGU.
Enroll in WGU to complete courses quickly and efficiently.
The process typically takes between nine months to a year and a half.
Viewers can save money on their first three months with study.com by using the code 'Shanehummus' during checkout, which also supports the channel.