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Midway From The Japanese Perspective

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Admiral Yamaguchi commands Japanese carriers in the Battle of Midway, facing American attacks. Despite initial success, the Japanese carriers suffer heavy losses. Yamaguchi's ship, Hiryū, launches a final strike before sinking. The Japanese pilots show bravery but ultimately face defeat. Yamaguchi's resilience and loyalty are highlighted as the ship sinks, with him posthumously awarded for his actions.

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Admiral Tamon Yamaguchi commands Japanese aircraft carriers Hiryū and Sōryū at Midway.
Hiryū successfully defends against American torpedo bombers but faces rearming delays.
American planes continue to pose a threat despite Japanese defense efforts.
Yamaguchi grows impatient with Admiral Nagumo's decisions.
Hiryū is successfully attacked by American torpedo planes.
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Detailed account of a battle scenario between Japanese and US Navy ships, focusing on intense aerial combat.
Despite initial victories, Japanese carriers face devastating attacks and multiple ships are destroyed, with the last ship, Hiryū, launching a final strike against American carriers led by Yamaguchi.
Japanese dive bombers attack American fleet during WWII.
Lieutenant Kobayashi leads the initial attack on the USS Yorktown successfully hitting it with bombs.
Lieutenant Tomonaga, with a damaged plane, leads a second attack but is shot down before releasing his torpedo.
The USS Yorktown is hit by torpedoes from another group of Japanese planes causing significant damage.
Japanese pilots display bravery and determination despite facing heavy losses.
Yamaguchi's final moments on Hiryu.
Despite heavy losses, Yamaguchi plans a third strike but is informed of additional American carriers.
Hiryu is attacked multiple times and sustains significant damage.
Yamaguchi's last hope for the strike is lost as the ship burns out of control.
Survivors show resilience and loyalty as they gather around Yamaguchi before the ship sinks.