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How I Remade Dune in 24 Hours using VFX

Josh Toonen2024-02-29
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The video showcases the speaker's attempt to recreate the visual effects of Dune in just 24 hours using Unreal Engine 5, demonstrating techniques to add detail to 3D models and create landscapes. The importance of compositing for high-quality renders and the accessibility of Hollywood-level visual effects with free software are highlighted. The speaker offers a free Unreal crash course and invites viewers to join a Dune masterclass for further learning. The video emphasizes hands-on filmmaking experience and showcases the efficiency of Unreal Engine in handling detailed scenes in real-time.

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Recreating the visual effects of Dune in 24 hours using Unreal Engine 5.
The speaker plans to build an entire city, animate ornithopters, and render scenes within the time limit.
Drawing inspiration from 'grible' in Star Wars, the speaker shares techniques to quickly add detail to models.
Demonstrating how Hollywood-level visual effects can be achieved at home using free software.
The original feat took over a thousand artists and 591 years to render on one computer.
Using textures to add detail to 3D models in Unreal Engine 5.
Demonstrates a technique to create entire cities using a single material.
Utilizing World Align Textures to apply concrete, sand, and rust textures across the entire world.
High-resolution textures can be scaled and sized to break them up naturally and create a cohesive cityscape.
Unreal Engine's efficiency in handling billions of polygons in real-time with nanite enabled, allowing for detailed scenes to run smoothly even on laptops.
Creating landscapes using Gaia software and challenges of texturing and detailing.
Generating sand dunes and mountain structures in the project.
Incorporating textures and detailing a model of ornithopters for characters.
Use of Substance Painter for texturing and creating a basic rig for animation.
Sense of satisfaction regarding progress in building assets and the need to complete the project within time constraints.
Highlights from Building Dune Scenes in Unreal Engine 5.
The segment focuses on creating city walls, mountains, and landscapes with depth and atmosphere.
Animating wings for flying creatures and utilizing Unreal Engine 5 for real-time rendering are key aspects discussed.
Hands-on filmmaking experience is emphasized as more beneficial for skill improvement than simply watching movies.
The creator offers a free Unreal crash course for individuals interested in film production.
Importance of compositing in creating high-quality renders in Unreal Engine.
Speaker emphasizes the use of lens effects and techniques to enhance visual appeal of renders, making them more realistic.
Showcases a one-click compositing template that adds lens flares, effects, and imperfections to renders efficiently.
Highlights accessibility of creating Hollywood-level visual effects using Unreal Engine 5, encouraging visual effects artists and filmmakers to explore these tools.
Concludes with an invitation to join a Dune masterclass to learn more about creating cinematic effects on a budget.