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Organizational Accounts for Legal Representatives - Demonstration

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USCIS is introducing organizational online accounts in 2024 to streamline H-1B registrations and petitions, allowing legal representatives to collaborate with clients and paralegals. Features include auto-populating forms and creating legal teams online. Legal representatives are advised to establish Company Groups for maximum collaboration. The process of creating Company Groups and inviting administrators is explained, emphasizing communication. Instructions are provided on collaborating with companies like River City Imports and adding paralegals to the Legal Team. The importance of discussing approaches with clients and adapting to new enhancements is highlighted.

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USCIS launching organizational online accounts in February 2024 for H-1B registrations and petitions.
Legal representatives can collaborate online with company clients and paralegals, streamlining the petition lifecycle.
New features include auto-populating Form G-28 and creating legal teams online.
USCIS aims to transform public interactions by making the process fully electronic.
Legal representatives encouraged to establish Company Groups and roles for maximum collaboration, with continuous adjustments based on public feedback.
Process of creating a Company Group and inviting company administrators to collaborate is explained.
Details include filling in company information, selecting a Company Group, and alerting the administrator.
Administrator can review and accept the invitation, allowing collaboration on filings.
Legal representatives cannot access drafts started by company clients, emphasizing the importance of communication.
Importance of discussing approaches with clients before working on forms is emphasized.
Collaboration with River City Imports:
Invite representatives to join Company Group, manage invitations, accept collaboration requests, and work on filings for multiple companies.
Adding paralegals to the Legal Team:
Send invitations, manage users, and permissions.
Paralegals can create USCIS online accounts, collaborate on case status and form drafts.
Limitations on the number of paralegals that can be added and their exclusivity to one Legal Team at a time.
Addition of paralegal Ray to Fast Bikes client team.
Process includes selecting forms, reviewing work, and submitting drafts for review and signatures.
Notifications sent to Company Administrators for approval and signing of forms.
Importance of adapting to new enhancements and reviewing supplementary material for a thorough understanding of the process.