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Gaza: Fighting continues despite UN Security Council resolution calling for ceasefire | BBC News

BBC News2024-03-26
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Intense fighting in Gaza persists despite UN ceasefire resolution. Aid is urgently needed to prevent famine, with reports of civilian casualties and hospitals under fire. Israel faces global isolation but maintains public support for the war. Recent rocket attacks by Hamas reignite concerns, prompting increased aid efforts from Israeli officials. UK's Royal Air Force drops food aid in Gaza to alleviate imminent famine. Israel disputes aid responsibility and denies presence of starvation in Gaza. Defense Secretary urges Israel to allow more aid into the territory.

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Ongoing fighting in Gaza despite UN ceasefire resolution.
Israeli warplanes bomb Rafa and gun battles continue.
Urgent need for aid in Gaza with famine looming.
Israeli Prime Minister cancels meetings, Hamas rejects mediation.
Hospitals in Gaza under fire, civilian casualties reported.
Rocket attacks by Hamas prompt Israeli officials to focus on increasing aid to Gaza to prevent famine.
UN warns of potential famine in northern Gaza and urges ceasefire for aid delivery.
Logistical challenges and accusations of Hamas ties hinder aid delivery process.
Israel opens new routes for aid but disputes responsibility for quantity entering Gaza, citing international law.
Despite distressing images, Israel denies presence of starvation in Gaza.
UK's Royal Air Force drops over 10 tons of food into Gaza to alleviate famine.
Food dropped includes water, rice, and baby formula.
1.1 million Gazans facing imminent famine.
Humanitarian effort in response to catastrophic crisis.
Defense Secretary Grant Shaps urges Israel to allow more aid into Gaza.