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How To Get People To Give a S**t About Your Project

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The video features discussions on building a startup as a movement, various educational initiatives, personal journeys in entrepreneurship, and strategies for success in business and social media. Topics include affordable business education in India, leveraging social media for engagement, the importance of personal branding, and the impact of online learning. The speakers emphasize the value of authenticity, engaging with target audiences, and building communities to support business growth. They also discuss overcoming challenges, accepting failure, and addressing societal issues through education and community building. Ultimately, the video highlights the importance of connection, communication, and collaboration in achieving success in entrepreneurship and education.

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Discussion on building a startup as a movement and getting people to care about your product.
Raj discusses his experience with Stoa School and using social media for user engagement.
Participants share their backgrounds and highlights of the week.
Wes talks about catching up with a friend and working on an API for income share agreements.
WM, co-founder and CEO, joins the conversation.
Highlights of the Week:
Launching a free program for new creators.
Working on dismantling educational inequality in the UK.
Creating a virtual world for an upcoming conference.
Developing a social network for Global Educators through an unconference event.
Developing a business and leadership education model for neglected small to medium-sized businesses.
Importance of prioritizing sleep and mental health for overall well-being.
Speaker shares personal experience of sleep deprivation due to late and early meetings.
Tomas from Barcelona discusses running a successful business education program.
Discussion on the toll of a recent product launch on the speaker's body and sleep.
Emphasis on balancing work with physical activities like frisbee and leisure for better health.
Entrepreneurial journey in education field post-graduation in physics in 2016.
Uncertainty after PhD plans fell through, leading to focus on passion for education.
Recognized skills in communication and team-building, motivating pursuit of entrepreneurship.
Sharing personal experiences and tactics in startup to address industry challenges.
Session aims to provide valuable insights for continued work and collaboration.
Starting a business in India focusing on high-level subjects and transitioning to an online model inspired by Lambda School.
Initially ran an offline alternative education center with a friend, leveraging local networks and technical education credentials to attract students.
Faced struggles due to market timing and location but shifted to Twitter in 2018, discovering Lambda School and its successful model.
Inspired by Lambda School's impact, considered applying a similar financial model to provide quality education to underserved Indian students.
Issue of surplus engineers in Indian job market due to lack of quality educational institutions.
Small percentage of engineers come from top colleges, impacting Indian startup ecosystem.
Efforts to address problem include online classes and income share agreements.
Pursuing unconventional paths can lead to polarized reactions - viewed as foolish or supported.
Income share agreements gained popularity in India after Lambda School success in 2019.
Speaker's journey in the tech industry and unique positioning on Twitter.
Despite warnings, they pursued their ideas in India, facing challenges with the financial and legal system.
Leveraging social capital and online presence to create a platform and build an audience, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Emphasis on the importance of personal branding and perseverance in pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors.
Importance of Twitter bio, pinned tweet, and profile picture in building personal brand.
Using a cartoon DP can boost perception and credibility, showing commitment to personal brand.
Having a clear mission statement and being consistent across platforms is crucial for credibility.
Speaker emphasizes leveraging the internet to unlock human potential and making a grand statement.
Aligning personal presence with a defined mission can increase impact and influence.
Personal journey of utilizing the internet for education and growth.
Speaker shares experiences of blogging, accessing online content, and learning through unconventional means like torrenting lectures.
Passion for the intersection of education and the internet, emphasizing the value of personal experiences in shaping one's perspective and approach to business education.
Reflects on not having an MBA and the lessons learned through self-education.
Emphasizes the importance of practical learning over traditional academic routes.
Utilizing company and personal Twitter accounts effectively.
Showcase unique personalities and voices for each account.
Engage in conversations and interactions between the two accounts to create an interesting dynamic for followers.
Overcoming the challenge of standing out among numerous voices in the online space.
Importance of conducting user interviews and validating demand before launching a product.
Success of Non-Traditional Marketing Strategies
The speaker discusses using discounts to attract participants and the effectiveness of a tweet thread in generating leads and applications.
Importance of Attention-Grabbing Launches
Emphasis is placed on the significance of attention-grabbing launches and the value of having people care about the business.
Encouraging Entrepreneurship in India
The conversation shifts to entrepreneurship in India, focusing on growing the economy through business development and education.
Need for Affordable Business Education
The speaker highlights the necessity of affordable business education to support entrepreneurship and economic growth.
The segment explores the failure of MBAs in the US and societal expectations in India regarding education and business.
In the US, high costs and time commitment have led to a negative perception of MBA holders, while in India, individuals pursue MBAs after realizing missed opportunities.
Anecdotes are used to emphasize common experiences and universal themes, particularly the existential crisis faced by young adults.
The discussion extends to connecting with messages regardless of business education involvement, resonating with a Twitter audience aged 20-27.
Discussion on a business education boot camp venture in India.
Emphasis on providing effective and affordable education accessible to all.
Vision of becoming a go-to destination for business education in India.
Importance of making people invested in their journey.
Acknowledgment of the risk of failure but value in inviting people to witness the journey.
Importance of creating tension and excitement around a product launch on Twitter.
Engaging with a specific target audience on social media by sharing daily life updates to build rapport.
Fostering unfiltered discussions to generate interest and perspectives.
Emphasizing the habit of openly sharing thoughts and conversations on platforms like Twitter to create engaging content.
Sparking conversations through sharing content and engaging with followers.
Importance of authenticity and fun on social media platforms like Twitter.
Retweeting is effective in influencing the Twitter algorithm for increased exposure.
Constant engagement on social media can take a mental toll but also brings benefits.
Significance of branding and investing in a strong narrative to stand out in the Indian market.
Many in the Indian market do not prioritize branding efforts.
Importance of defining a category and owning it.
Big launch is necessary for gaining momentum.
Building a community of supporters, even if they are not target customers, can increase credibility.
Leveraging social networks for a viral launch is crucial.
Nurturing relationships with fans and followers is key for success in business.
Importance of accepting failure, being vulnerable, and learning from mistakes in entrepreneurship.
Avoid alienating others, especially when challenging the status quo.
Building a narrative for success on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, or YouTube.
Struggles in defining a value proposition in business, particularly in learning communities and the creator space.
Overcoming challenges in creating successful courses.
Importance of addressing a billion people problem like loneliness through learning together in a community.
Starting with a broad issue like loneliness and then narrowing down to demonstrate how a product can contribute to solving it.
Challenges of catering to both learners and creators in crafting messaging and defining their mission.
Reflecting on previous attempts to be an OPM for creators and the importance of building conviction and traction.
Importance of engaging end consumers and creating excitement around products.
Challenges with completion rates and accountability, stressing the need for internal motivation and a common goal.
Significance of passion for games as a unifying factor within a platform.
Value of creating a strong community around shared interests for long-term engagement and success.
Importance of core purpose in building relationships and communities.
Communities play a vital role in providing individuals with a sense of purpose and belonging.
Incorporating discussions on religion and deeper narratives can help build a movement around a community.
Encouraging individuals to find a community they belong to in both their careers and personal lives.
Importance of addressing loneliness in education and tying it to corporate missions.
Using loneliness as a societal issue to engage people towards a company's mission.
Success of rallying people around challenges and niches in online courses for high graduation rates.
Effectiveness of setting specific goals, like launching a podcast or starting meditation, to attract participants with different motivations.
Importance of Soft Skills in Communication
Emphasis on soft skills such as communication and feedback over technical skills like coding.
Discussion on completion rates and self-perception of abilities in completing courses.
Highlight on the significance of niches and human connection for effective message delivery.
Expressing oneself authentically as a human being is deemed more impactful than solely focusing on business communication.
Importance of building curriculum around specific topics and fostering collaboration among participants.
Organizing workshops and sessions to encourage brainstorming and problem-solving in breakout rooms.
Emphasis on learning from each other's perspectives and experiences to enhance project development.
Plans to continue engaging with the audience and incorporating their feedback for future sessions.