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Reality Transurfing Chapter 14 "Forward to the Past" by Vadim Zeland

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The video delves into the concept of trans surfing, emphasizing the principles of time and space movement, energy exercises, visualization techniques, and lifelines. It explores the impact of lifelines on appearance and everyday life, advocating for freedom from internal battles and societal constraints. The importance of maintaining humility, avoiding boasting, and staying attuned to goals is highlighted, with a focus on balanced forces and avoiding extremes for achieving true freedom and joy in life. Transaction exercises are recommended for manifesting intentions and navigating the alternative space effectively.

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The segment explores the concept of moving through time and space using trans surfing principles.
It contrasts the limitations of time travel in reality with science fiction.
The importance of testing these principles through intention and patience is emphasized.
Experiencing movement through alternative space firsthand is highlighted as simple, involving three key elements.
A method involving energy exercises and visualizing energy movement along the spine is suggested to facilitate time and space travel.
Visualization exercise for energy flow and relaxation.
Visualize two arrows extending from the body and turning vertically to activate energy flow.
Turning the key releases tension, providing relief and relaxation.
Regular practice helps cleanse excess energy and ease emotional burdens.
Visualizing a target slide with achieved goals enhances connection to desired outcomes.
Importance of clear sight in conscious awareness.
Clear sight allows for observing surroundings without overanalyzing, triggering memories or feelings from the past.
Deja vu is a common experience often overlooked due to accepting situations at face value.
Transaction exercises aid in recognizing the changing world with varying scripts and scenery.
Accelerated material realization is achieved through programming thoughts to clear sight, capturing moments of change and perception.
Tips for successful transaction exercise.
Avoid focusing too much on outer intention or technique and keep attempts spontaneous.
Repeat the exercise frequently without burdening yourself with desire or necessity.
Visualize the target slide and enjoy the process, focusing on running the target slide and visualizing the transfer chain.
Outer intention works regardless of visibility, providing access to the alternative space where movement can be observed and rewarding.
The segment explores the concept of distinguishing between lifelines and changes in appearance over time.
Photographs capture varying scenery from different periods, showcasing significant differences that are not strictly linear.
People's appearances evolve over time in unexpected ways, which can be observed through photographs.
Examining photographs taken at different periods can provide insights into changes in one's realization and appearance over time.
Exploring lifelines and time travel.
Shifting between lifelines allows for a qualitative change in experience.
Traditional time travel within a single lifeline is impossible due to cause and effect.
Emphasis on following childhood goals and avoiding negative influences.
Transaction exercises are recommended to shift towards desired outcomes.
Importance of Returning to Familiar Paths and Lifelines.
Emphasizes the significance of subtle changes and details that are often overlooked.
Stresses the importance of not forcing results and letting go of control during exercises.
Discusses the concept of shades and how they reflect energy and progress on current lifelines.
Explores the transformation seen in familiar views and landscapes, even when experiencing something new for the first time.
Changes in Lifelines and their Impact on Daily Life.
Negative experiences can lead to a shift in lifelines, disrupting balance and daily routines.
Traveling through time within alternative space is discussed, emphasizing the importance of retrieving feelings of hope and happiness.
Moving towards goals is compared to returning to the past, highlighting the impact on lifelines.
The importance of ending internal battles to achieve true freedom.
Conditioning and societal norms play a role in limiting choices.
Letting go of importance and not attributing excess meaning to things is necessary for freedom.
Waking up and consciously changing one's relationship with the world can lead to true freedom.
Breaking free from societal constraints is possible by changing one's mindset.
Importance of changing your relationship to attachment rather than trying to change the attachment itself.
By consciously choosing freedom from the battle and setting your own rules, you can transform the struggle into a comical fight with a golem.
Emphasizes that it's within your control to continue participating in the battle or let it go.
Battling any importance that can be consciously dropped should be transformed through action, visualization, and proactive steps towards your goals.
Importance of maintaining humility and avoiding boasting.
Excessive potential can attract balanced forces seeking to eliminate it.
Acting with humility and keeping goals silent can prevent interference from negative forces.
Ancient civilizations like Atlantis perished when they forgot their place in the world and focused on mastering outer intention.
Using black magic or hostility through Trans Surfing for harmful intentions can have serious consequences.
Maintaining balance and avoiding extremes in life leads to joy and celebration.
Turning away from conflicts leads to true freedom and helps in achieving goals.
Staying focused on your target and allowing the flow to guide you is important.
Transaction techniques can aid in visualizing movement through alternative spaces.
Winning freedom involves ending internal battles and reflecting positively on the world.