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The Worst Part About Launching A Game

Thomas Stewart2023-09-25
tanks but no tanks#indie game#steam launch#tanks launch
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The creator reflects on the challenges of deciding when to release their game after years of development, expressing pride in the final product despite concerns about bugs, marketing, and reception. They emphasize the importance of game quality over sales figures, acknowledging the vulnerability of sharing their work with the public. The game, Tanks but No Tanks, is described as polished, strategic, and user-friendly, with plans for further enhancements and community engagement during the Steam shmup Fest.

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Challenges of completing a game development project.
The creator discusses the struggle of deciding when a game is finished after years of work.
Despite uncertainties, the creator recognizes the importance of releasing the game and moving on to new projects.
Lessons learned during development are reflected upon and pride in the final product is expressed.
Concerns about bugs, marketing, and player/reviewer reception are mentioned.
Low expectations for game sales on launch day.
Emphasis on game quality and overall experience over sales figures.
Excitement and nervousness about the upcoming launch, acknowledging vulnerability.
Open to feedback and aims to continuously improve games.
Tanks but No Tanks described as polished, strategic, and user-friendly, with plans for community engagement.