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The best skill you can learn as a game dev.

Thomas Stewart2021-05-27
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The video emphasizes the importance of finishing game development projects to build skills and progress effectively. The speaker shares personal experiences and tips, highlighting the value of consistency, setting deadlines, and focusing on completing smaller projects to avoid unfinished cycles. Transitioning to game development full-time, they stress the benefits of participating in game jams, staying dedicated, and engaging with the audience. The journey showcases the speaker's growth and success in changing their career path through completing projects and persisting in creative endeavors.

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Importance of finishing games in game development.
Focus on completing smaller projects to build the skill of finishing.
Completing projects allows developers to progress to larger endeavors more effectively.
Consistency in finishing games improves future success and prevents getting stuck in a cycle of unfinished projects.
Transition to Game Development Full-Time
Speaker committed to finishing games to make a successful transition.
Created a simple game concept in one month, leading to significant learning and growth.
Project involved adding music, sound effects, settings, a menu, advertisements, and learning to publish on Android app store.
Despite challenges like localization options and developer fees, the experience provided a valuable completed project for the speaker's portfolio and a sense of accomplishment.
Importance of Finishing Projects in Game Development
Emphasizes the significance of completing projects for transitioning to a full-time game developer.
Practical tips include maintaining an idea journal, setting deadlines, and managing project scope effectively.
By focusing on finishing projects, the speaker successfully changed their career path in game development.
Encourages others to adopt a similar approach to achieve their goals in game development.
Importance of finishing projects and avoiding stagnation.
Emphasizes consistency in working on projects and participating in game jams.
Encourages viewers to prioritize finishing projects over just starting them.
Speaker shares personal insights on the benefits of continuous effort and consistent project work.
Mentions engaging with the audience through social media and provides motivation to persist in creative endeavors.