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The amount of money I made publishing 3 mobile games

Thomas Stewart2021-06-11
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The speaker discusses challenges in developing mobile games, including revenue strategies and working with publishers. Despite struggles with low ad revenue and platform fees, they gained valuable technical and business knowledge. They recommend focusing on PC games over mobile platforms and tease a future video on creating a game with a tree character.

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Challenges of Monetizing Mobile Games.
Speaker discusses revenue strategies such as ads, in-app purchases, and working with publishers.
Emphasis on the need for diverse income streams in the mobile games market.
Despite initial optimism, speaker's games did not generate significant revenue.
Importance of understanding the non-traditional nature of the mobile games market for developers.
Challenges in Mobile Game Publishing
The speaker faced difficulties in getting mobile game publishers to sign their games due to low ad revenue and platform fees.
Analytics tests were conducted, but the speaker ended up losing money on transactions.
The saturated mobile game market makes it hard to get noticed without platform features or heavy advertising.
Premium games like Alto's Adventure and Odyssey, which charged a flat price, were highlighted as successful examples in the market.
Key highlights from the YouTube video segment:
The speaker gained Unity skills, technical game development knowledge, and business strategy insights from discussions with publishers.
Creating profitable mobile games was described as challenging and time-consuming, likened to winning the lottery.
Publishing on iOS was highlighted as especially difficult.
The speaker suggests focusing on PC game development over mobile, potentially considering porting to consoles in the future.