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I Started A Game Studio. Here’s What I’ve Learned...

Thomas Stewart2023-07-26
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The video discusses the challenges of self-employment in indie game development, focusing on the business tasks required, such as forming an LLC, creating a website, and applying to console platforms. The speaker emphasizes the importance of understanding the business side of game development to succeed. They share their experiences with establishing a business entity, setting up a business bank account, and presenting a professional image to increase acceptance by major consoles. Despite the challenges, the creator remains optimistic about the success of their game and plans to keep viewers updated on their progress.

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The challenges of self-employment in the gaming industry.
Tasks such as forming an LLC, creating a logo and website, and opening a business bank account take away time from programming and art for game development.
Establishing a business entity is necessary to port games to consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch, requiring additional paperwork and fees.
Understanding the business side of indie game development is crucial for success in the industry.
Setting up a business entity, website, and business email is crucial for applying to console platforms.
The application process is complex and requires a static IP address.
The speaker obtained a VPN service for a dedicated static IP to increase their chances of acceptance.
Success in the applications is essential for successfully porting their game to console platforms.
Importance of presenting a professional image to game companies like Nintendo to increase chances of acceptance.
Updating game's UI and creating a new gameplay trailer and screenshots to enhance appeal.
Significance of creating a pitch deck or press kit when applying to game consoles.
Requirement of opening a business bank account when forming an LLC to avoid potential issues with the IRS.
Experience of opening a bank account for their business and the process involved.
Challenges of self-employment in game development.
Dealing with stolen debit card and setting up business tasks for game development.
Applying to major consoles for game porting and complexity of starting a game studio.
Handling finances, creating a website, LLC registration, Discord setup, and Patreon account structuring.
Speaker aims to keep viewers updated on experiences and highlights the demanding nature of the business side of game development.
Progress on game development and business activities.
Creator plans more frequent devlog updates and uses a 'to-done' list to track accomplishments.
Implementation of a localization system in the game.
Acknowledgment of learning process and hopes for game's success.
Humorous addressing of potential challenges and request for likes and subscriptions.