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I Quit My Job To Pursue My Dream

Thomas Stewart2023-07-14
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The individual recounts adventurous experiences before quitting their job to pursue video game creation. They prioritized personal growth and family over money, minimizing risks and planning multiple projects. Plans include game development, YouTube videos, online courses, and freelance work, with excitement for upcoming changes and appreciation for viewer support.

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Transition from Adventurous Career to Pursuing Video Games
Speaker recounts exciting experiences like skydiving and castle exploration.
Decision to leave job due to desire for schedule control, feeling unfulfilled at work, and reaching learning plateau.
Prioritizing personal time and family over monetary gains.
Motivated by desire for personal growth and more fulfilling career path.
Individual quits job for more creative freedom.
Steps taken to minimize risks include tracking finances and planning a timeline.
Three-fold plan post-job: game development, creating YouTube videos, and exploring other opportunities.
Emphasis on community input and collaboration for game development projects.
Plans to release multiple games within a year.
Creator's future plans for channel growth and personal life changes.
Plans to upload more frequently, create online courses on game development, and do freelance work as a gameplay programmer.
Considering Patreon support for new endeavors, including transitioning into a new phase of life involving travel, having a child, and quitting their job.
Expresses excitement about upcoming changes and appreciates viewers joining them on the journey.