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Spirits and Entities are You

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The speaker shares their journey from childhood experiences with spirits to becoming a practitioner, demystifying spirituality and emphasizing the connection between spirituality and science. They discuss clearing entities from people's bodies and the importance of love and forgiveness in overcoming negative energies. By embodying love and light, one can transcend fear and create positivity. The speaker encourages embracing one's power, setting boundaries, and letting go of fear to manifest positive outcomes, ultimately promoting harmony, healing, and wholeness in oneself and the world.

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📊 Transcript
Speaker shares journey from childhood experiences with spirits to becoming a practitioner helping others.
Emphasizes demystifying understanding of spirits and incorporating consciousness and spirituality into the future.
Discusses connection between spirituality and science, promoting trust and surrender over 'God of the gaps' explanations.
Advocates for a balanced perspective that integrates spirituality with physical reality.
Importance of maintaining innocence and curiosity in children.
Speaker reflects on shutting off spiritual experiences as a child out of fear.
Emphasis on reopening to The Healing Arts and living consciously with light and spark.
Advocacy for uncovering what is already known rather than learning something new.
Discussion on how the universe can reveal more to us, using examples like Christopher Columbus.
Speaker's journey into healing arts, specifically Body Code and Emotion Code techniques.
Clearing entities from people's bodies and the positive effects observed.
Experience of clearing a receptionist leading to a significant shift in demeanor.
Encountering spirits in the office and patients with innate gifts.
Acknowledgment of unexplainable phenomena witnessed, stressing the importance of personal experiences in understanding.
The importance of sustainable power through connection rather than fear.
Fear can manifest as energy that is drawn from others, similar to a bully gaining power.
Being grounded and connected with one's body helps prevent negative energies from taking over.
Fear-based manipulation leads to an unsustainable cycle of causing fear in others.
Moving away from clearing entities and spirits was due to realizing the interconnectedness of energy exchanges.
Embracing love and unity over negativity and separation.
The speaker emphasizes the importance of shutting off the heart limits one's power and potential.
Drawing parallels to iconic stories like Star Wars.
By claiming space with love and understanding, individuals can transcend duality and embody a higher state of consciousness.
Becoming a force of light and positivity in the world.
The importance of love and forgiveness in overcoming negative energies and fears.
Personal story of facing fear with love and transmuting dark energy.
Becoming a channel of love and light to draw in positivity.
Seeing others with love instead of fear for a transformative experience.
Letting go of judgment towards others for personal growth.
Overcoming fear of spirits and energies by realizing personal power.
Importance of claiming personal space and setting boundaries to overcome fear.
Humorous story of burning excessive Sage to clear negative energy in office.
Learning to create the frequency of Sage and feeling of clearing.
Stressing that fear acts as a powerful magnet for negativity and emphasizing the need to overcome fears for positive outcomes.
Overcoming fear through surrender, forgiveness, and letting go leads to freedom and self-discovery.
Bringing light and consciousness into oneself and the world promotes harmony, healing, and wholeness.
Gratitude is expressed for the profound connection shared with the audience.
Embracing one's magnificence while evolving and accepting imperfection is encouraged.
Gratitude expressed by the speaker with a brief explanation.
The speaker provides a reason for feeling thankful.
A moment of music is shared after the expression of gratitude.