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Thasunda Duckett, President and CEO, TIAA

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Thasunda Brown Duckett, CEO of TIAA, shares her journey to success and emphasizes gratitude, diversity in leadership, and financial equity. She advocates for mentorship, self-improvement, and embracing change to unlock potential. Duckett highlights the significance of representation, vulnerability, and authenticity in leadership. She encourages individuals to bet on themselves, show up with character, curiosity, and humility, and leverage diverse perspectives for growth. Duckett also discusses the importance of discussing her identity as a black woman in leadership to inspire change and emphasizes the need for purpose-driven leadership.

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Thasunda Brown Duckett appointed as president and CEO of TIAA.
Thasunda is a highly accomplished executive in the finance industry, recognized as one of the most powerful women in banking.
She founded the Rosie and Otis Brown Foundation to empower communities.
Thasunda serves on the board of directors of Nike Corporation.
Thasunda attributes her success to her parents' teachings and emphasizes the importance of gratitude.
Reflection on Sacrifices and Gratitude for Everyday Heroes.
The speaker discusses their parents' sacrifices, such as moving with minimal possessions and sitting on crates in Texas.
Emphasis on acknowledging and learning from challenging moments, expressing gratitude for everyday people who made sacrifices.
Recognition of janitors, cooks, and secretaries for introducing brilliance in Corporate America, highlighting the importance of strong character and excellence.
Acknowledgment of the impact of those who came before, paving the way for individuals to succeed and make a difference.
Emphasizing the importance of recognizing and engaging with entry-level and lower-wage employees.
Acknowledging the contributions of these individuals and making them feel valued fosters a sense of belonging and purpose within the organization.
Highlighting the significance of appreciating unseen individuals who contribute to the company's success.
Discussing the impact of representation and visibility, using a viral video featuring a black entrepreneur as an example.
Inspiring others to strive for excellence and feel deserving of success through the power of recognition and appreciation.
Lack of diversity in corporate leadership and wealth disparity.
Low representation of women and minorities in Fortune 500 companies.
Emphasis on creating equal opportunities for all Americans.
Urgent need for societal change and bold actions to improve financial equity.
Personal experiences shared to underscore the importance of addressing these issues.
Importance of Minority Participation in Wealth Building
Accessible and relatable information is crucial for minorities to understand compounding, homeownership, and small businesses for wealth creation.
Starting small and compounding over time is emphasized for financial security.
Kindness and patience are highlighted as essential for fostering understanding and reducing tensions.
Addressing structural inequities and historical context is advocated for making progress towards equality.
Importance of kindness and understanding in achieving positive change.
Individuals need to work on themselves with curiosity and kindness to unlock their potential and become leaders.
Progress may be slow and non-linear, but it is crucial to stay hopeful and continue working towards a better future.
Using our voices and platforms for good, shaping culture, and making real progress in our communities are key aspects of leadership and business success.
Importance of Owning Character in Career Decisions
Understand company culture, stay curious, and learn from every job experience.
Stick with decisions, embrace challenges, and extract lessons from tough situations.
Mentorship is all around, not just from higher-ups, with examples of learning from various sources.
Seek learning opportunities from diverse sources and do not limit mentorship to hierarchical positions.
Importance of Mentorship and Guidance in Personal and Professional Growth.
Emphasizes the value of seeking guidance from friends and partners for leadership and inspiration.
Personal experiences shared in selecting a partner based on character and support.
Highlighting the significance of having someone who adds value and helps in personal growth.
Making career decisions based on reaching highest potential and embracing discomfort for growth.
Embracing possibilities and impactful actions in pursuing leadership roles.
Stepping outside comfort zones, taking risks, and listening to inner guidance are essential for personal growth.
Advocating for self-worth, overcoming limitations, and not internalizing external negativity.
Importance of faith, vulnerability, curiosity, and authenticity in leadership for fostering connections and growth.
Creating a supportive environment for personal and professional development through impactful leadership.
Embracing vulnerability, authenticity, and self-improvement for personal growth.
Building relationships and credibility in various career paths by leveraging unique experiences and skills.
Betting on oneself, showing up with character, curiosity, and humility, and embracing change to unlock potential.
Valuing diverse perspectives and understanding the significance of all roles in a team.
Importance of Discussing Identity in Leadership.
Emphasis on highlighting the experiences of women and people of color to inspire change.
Commitment to sharing authentic narratives and not diluting the significance of background.
Emphasis on the importance of purpose and asking more about 'why' in addition to performance as a leader.
Inspiring others through unapologetic self-expression.
Emphasis on the importance of financial advice, including paying off debt while investing and using Chase points for travel.
Encouraging everyone, especially women and underprivileged individuals, to reach for success.
Touching on various topics like favorite basketball players, music albums, and travel plans.
Gratitude for the conversation and encouragement for the audience to reach for the stars.
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