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The Apex Legends Hack Followup...

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During the Apex Legends Global Series, players were gifted hacks, raising concerns about competition security. The hacker, Destroyer 2009, manipulated game servers, prompting discussions on malware attacks and bug bounty programs. Riot and EA's security measures were compared, with a focus on the complexity of software development in online gaming. Suggestions for enhancing security included sandboxing games and using dedicated PCs for gaming. The importance of prioritizing security to protect player safety was emphasized throughout the video.

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Two players were gifted hacks during the Apex Legends Global Series, putting their careers at risk.
The hacker, Destroyer 2009, used web hooks to manipulate game servers.
Pirate Software, with experience at major companies like Blizzard and Amazon, helped clarify the situation amidst misinformation.
Affected players took steps such as reinstalling Windows before the tournament.
The incident has sparked concerns about the security of online gaming competitions.
Discussion on persistence as an art and limitations of OS reinstalls in combatting malware.
Attacks such as moonbounce and malware bypassing UEFI firmware are mentioned.
Kaspersky's write up on the topic is referenced.
Cyber security researchers John Hammond and Apex Legends vulnerability exploited by Destroyer 2009 are introduced.
Bug bounty programs reward hackers for reporting security flaws, with Riot offering up to $100,000 for reports on the Vanguard kernel driver.
Security measures taken by Riot for Vanguard antiche and EA's lack of bug bounty program for online games like Apex Legends are discussed.
Rewards are offered for reporting issues with Riot's Vanguard antiche.
Recent hacks on professional Apex Legends players led to a pause in competition for security updates.
Easy antiche reassures no vulnerabilities exist, with speculation on potential attacks in other games.
The unlikelihood of exposing valuable exploits for short-term gains is emphasized, considering the widespread usage of Easy antiche across various multiplayer games.
Challenges in software development, specifically in video games like Apex Legends.
Developers face difficulties in identifying and fixing exploits, requiring support for the team rather than blaming individuals.
Isolating and patching vulnerabilities is crucial, emphasizing the complexity involved in resolving such issues.
Acknowledgment of the response towards addressing security concerns in Apex Legends, stressing the importance of cooperation and trust in handling such situations.
Concerns raised about potential hack on Easy Anticheat in Apex Legends.
Playing the game was ultimately deemed safe.
Importance of software safety highlighted.
Suggestions for additional security measures included sandboxing games and virtualizing Windows installations.
Investing in a separate computer for gaming recommended for enhanced security.
Importance of separating core system activities for security.
Wait for significant patches before playing new games to avoid risks.
Impact of a cyber security slip-up in the Apex Legends community.
Emphasize the need for quick resolution and wish the best for programmers and security officers.
Prioritize security to keep the player base safe.