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I watched 300 hours of music production streams, here are my 17 FAVORITE tips (wish I knew sooner)

Sol State2021-06-07
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The video discusses the importance of creating singable phrases and counter melodies in music production, experimenting with textures, focusing on the emotional impact of sound, taking breaks to prevent burnout, and collaborating with vocalists for creativity. Tips include using different layers for dynamic sounds, working with vocalists, and maximizing sound quality before mastering. The key is to chase a feeling rather than technical aspects, with discipline and honesty about productivity. The video encourages viewers to provide feedback and support for more content.

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Importance of Singable Phrases and Counter Melodies in Music Production.
Singing the melody helps deepen the connection to the music.
Counter melodies can breathe new life into a song without changing the original melody.
Adding accent layers between melodies can subtly enhance the composition.
Different layers playing different parts create a more dynamic sound.
Tips for creating richer textures in music production.
Experiment with octaves and passing fifths for bass lines.
Use violative space technique sparingly to create unique grooves and melodies.
Break traditional production norms to spark creativity.
Have the right attitude and mindset to see the potential in limited tools and unconventional plugin usage for generating innovative sounds.
Importance of emotional impact in music production.
Pros prioritize consistency in their work habits.
Creativity requires time and a clear vision to get into the zone.
Discipline is crucial to effectively channel creativity.
Importance of Taking Breaks in Work Life Balance.
Avoid forcing music to prevent burning out and reversing progress.
Successful artists work three to four hours a day and take breaks to reset.
Quality over quantity is emphasized to prevent undoing progress.
Knowing when to step back and take a break is essential for maintaining creativity and preventing burnout.
Tips for making synths, hats, and transients fit together nicely in a mix.
Cut synths at 7-7.5k to make room for high end on drums.
Filtering can enhance clarity and cleanliness in the mix, according to Sullivan King.
Ensure the snare drum 'slaps' in the mix for impact and energy.
Use sensory deprivation like closing eyes to focus on sound quality without distractions from plugins or visuals.
Importance of working with vocalists in music production.
Building around vocals can enhance creativity and streamline the songwriting process.
Outsourcing mastering can prevent burnout and ensure completion of songs.
Collaborating with others in the production process can offer fresh perspectives and improve efficiency.
The importance of maximizing sound quality in the track creation process before sending it to a mastering engineer.
Maximizing sound quality in the track creation process allows creators to focus on new projects without revisiting previous ones.
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