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Sony cuts 900 jobs, cancels projects, closes studio | This Week in Videogames

Skill Up2024-02-28
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Sony announced layoffs affecting 900 roles, Studio closures, and cancellations of projects like Last of Us multiplayer spin-off. The gaming industry faces challenges with significant job losses. Elden Ring's new expansion and the failure of Suicide Squad game are highlighted. Updates on upcoming games, including a Bloodborne remaster, were mentioned. New games like The Forever Winter and Rainbow 6: Mobile were announced. Brilliant.org offers interactive courses in science and AI. Overall, the video covers industry changes, game releases, and educational platforms.

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Sony announces layoffs affecting 900 roles across operations, including headcount reductions and Studio closures.
Successful Studios like Naughty Dog, Insomniac, and Guerilla Games affected.
Insomniac, known for Spider-Man games, hit hard.
Naughty Dog cancels Last of Us multiplayer spin-off, leading to restructuring.
Sony emphasizes need to evolve for future technology and gaming.
Closure of PlayStation's London studio after 22 years of innovation.
Herman Holst discusses PlayStation's evolving game making and publishing strategy amidst industry changes.
Sony's recent acquisitions and push into PC and mobile gaming emphasized.
Cancellation of projects in various stages of development, including Spider-Man and The Last of Us live service games.
Shareholders express concerns over Sony's declining profit margin and costly AAA blockbusters, like Spider-Man.
Layoffs at Sony and Supermassive Games lead to 90 job losses in the gaming industry.
The funding environment in the industry has been challenging, resulting in over 32,000 gaming job losses in two months.
Studios and Publishers are still making significant cuts, with uncertainty about when it will end.
Despite the difficulties, there is hope for those affected to find new opportunities.
The Elden Ring trailer showcased new locations, weapons, bosses, and enemies, hinting at the largest expansion yet from FromSoftware.
Details on Elden Ring expansion and George RR Martin collaboration.
Expansion will feature a dense region with challenging fights and a return to poison swamp setting.
Miyazaki expresses love for creating poison swamps in games.
Fans request a Bloodborne remaster, but Miyazaki prefers remaster over remake.
Speculations suggest Bloodborne remake for PS6 in 2028, FromSoft's focus on single-player games is influential in the gaming industry.
The Suicide Squad video game by Warner Brothers underperformed in terms of sales and player engagement.
Steam player counts for Suicide Squad were lower compared to other recent game releases.
The game's poor performance was evident in both sales and player numbers.
Guardians of the Galaxy outperformed Suicide Squad in the UK market.
The game failed to maintain player engagement over the long term.
Issues with recent patch cause significant drop in player count for Suicide Squad game.
Full product deemed a mess, raising concerns about long-term viability as a live service.
Warner Brothers may not have resources or willingness to turn game around.
Nintendo Partner Direct announces Xbox games coming to Switch, including Grounded and Pament.
Sea of Thieves and Hi-Fi Rush expected to arrive on PS5 in the future.
Highlights of Upcoming Game Releases
'Monster Hunter Stories', 'Disney's Epic Mickey Remastered', 'Another Crabs Treasure', 'Pepper Grinder', 'Endless Ocean: Luminous', and 'Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection' were featured.
The remastered Star Wars Battlefront collection stands out for its multiplayer shooters and new features like up to 64 player battles and new maps.
The speaker expressed excitement for the nostalgic gameplay experience offered by these anticipated games.
Release dates for the upcoming games were also mentioned in the segment.
Gaming news highlights
Hell Divers 2 developers increased server capacity and implemented measures against AFK players.
Baldur's Gate 3 is introducing official mod support that will be cross-platform.
Sony is testing PC support for the PSVR2 headset, potentially expanding functionality to all PC titles.
The Borderlands movie trailer received mixed reviews, with criticism about tone and casting choices.
New studio formed by Blizzard RTS employees raises funds and launches crowd equity campaign.
Studio's first release, Stormgate, receives positive feedback from demo.
Updates on sales figures for Tales of Arise, Indie Survival games, Power World, Elden Ring, and NieR Automata.
Capcom apologizes for Street Fighter 5 issues and mentions learning from mistakes.
Mention of potential new Nier game and requests for apologies regarding game announcements and delays.
Highlights of the Gaming Industry Updates
Funog Studios, founded by ex-AAA developers, revealed their debut game 'The Forever Winter', a Sci-Fi looter shooter.
Limited Run Games and Konami are teaming up to re-release popular Game Boy Advance titles.
Rainbow 6: Mobile unveiled as an isometric Roguelike shooter without microtransactions, in collaboration with Netflix.
The game will be exclusive to Netflix for a year before potentially expanding to other platforms and was developed by a 10-person team at Ubisoft.
Updates and new content lacking in Temtem's new game, Tempt Swarm, causing frustration within the community.
Paradox announces Millennia, a Civilization-like game set for release on March 26th.
Gigantic Rampage Edition announced as a premium re-release, deviating from the original free-to-play model.
Prison Architect's release delayed until May 7th.
Paragon community projects facing challenges in maintaining the game's legacy.
Batro indie deck builder game receives overwhelming positive reviews on Steam.
The game has a 98% rating and is ranked as the second highest rated game of the year.
Critics praise Batro and compare its success to the game Inscription from 2021.
Nightingale, a survival game from former BioWare veterans, faces challenges with technical issues and lack of offline play support.
These issues impact the overall experience for players.
Latency issues in the game caused unplayability for some players, even after OCE servers were launched.
Players had to create new characters to access the OCE servers, resulting in wasted progress.
Mixed reviews were received due to gameplay flaws such as grinding, gear gating, and repetitive dungeon design.
Last Epoch, another ARPG, faced server overload but was well-received for its gameplay and rich customization.
Terminator: Resistance, an RTS game, received positive reviews despite minimal marketing.
Recent launch of three survival games - Sons of the Forest, Pacific Drive, and Solium Infernum.
Sons of the Forest received a positive 89% rating on Steam for its gameplay.
Pacific Drive praised for its immersive and atmospheric gameplay.
Solium Infernum, a grand strategy game with asynchronous multiplayer, has an 88% rating on Steam.
Critics praise Solium Infernum for its innovative gameplay mechanics and visual appeal.
IGN highlights upcoming game releases including It Takes Two remake and Star Wars Dark Forces remaster.
Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth receives critical acclaim, becoming one of the highest-rated modern Final Fantasy games.
Reviewer faces challenges with recording limitations but promises a detailed review post-game completion.
The anticipation for the review builds as the reviewer expresses love for the game.
The dedication to providing a thorough analysis in the near future is emphasized.
Upcoming game releases and their unique features.
Outlast Trials, a Co-op horror experience, will launch on March 5th on all platforms.
Berserk Boy, inspired by Mega Man, with a faster pace, releases on Switch and PC on March 6th.
King makers combines medieval history with modern weaponry in a humorous manner, appealing to fans of Road Rash.
The game is set to release this year, offering a unique and entertaining gaming experience.
Pokémon company introduces ASMR videos to accompany Pokémon sleep app.
ASMR videos feature Pokémon falling asleep with voice actor Yuki Kaji whispering calming words.
Yuki Kaji, famous for role in Attack on Titan, showcases his soothing voice in the videos.
Despite being in Japanese, the videos offer a unique relaxation experience for viewers.
Overview of Brilliant online platform for interactive courses in science, math, and engineering.
The platform gamifies learning to make it engaging and manageable for users.
Emphasis on the importance of understanding AI and large language models for future impact.
Practical applications for data programming provided in the courses, encouraging curiosity and sharp thinking.
Subscribing to Brilliant is highlighted as an investment in brain and personal development through interactive learning and skill-building.
Overview of Brilliant.org platform for learning through completing courses and increasing complexity as proficiency grows.
Brilliant.org offers a mobile app for convenient learning in short intervals.
Users can try Brilliant for free for 30 days or get a 20% discount on an annual subscription.
The first 200 subscribers receive the discount.
Brilliant.org sponsors the video, highlighting the benefits of interactive and informative learning on their platform.