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The Most REGRETTED Majors!

Shane Hummus2020-10-19
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The video discusses college majors that people regret the most, with communication being one of them due to its general nature and lack of specialization. It emphasizes the importance of considering job prospects and return on investment when choosing a major. Fields like education and biology-related degrees are also highlighted for their challenges in finding employment. Pursuing higher degrees in STEM fields is encouraged for better opportunities. The decreasing value of bachelor's degrees and the need for a clear plan when pursuing higher education are emphasized. English degrees are deemed sufficient for aspiring authors but should be approached with caution.

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Top five college majors people regret the most based on internal data and surveys.
Communications is listed as number five, encompassing various platforms like video, radio, writing, and public relations.
Previously, any degree was enough for employment, but now specific skills and relevance to the job market are vital.
Importance of making informed decisions about college majors to prevent future regrets.
Importance of Communication as a Skill.
Degree in Communication considered overrated and too general.
Survey data criticized for influencing results, compared to PayScale data.
Communication graduates have higher regret rate than computer science graduates.
Reputation of Communication as an easy major attracting student athletes, highlighting lack of specialization.
Challenges faced by individuals with degrees in communications, social sciences, and law in finding employment and justifying their salary.
Economics is highlighted as a more practical and valuable major compared to other social science majors.
Importance of considering career prospects and potential return on investment when choosing a college major.
Some subjects may be better suited as double majors or minors rather than standalone degrees.
Challenges in Education Careers
Teacher pay in the U.S decreased by 3% between 2006 and 2016, with teachers earning only 60% of what other professionals with similar educational backgrounds make.
The U.S had the lowest relative teacher pay out of 28 surveyed nations.
Around 1 in 5 teachers work a second job to make ends meet.
Biological and physical sciences are highlighted as fields with misleading expectations compared to other STEM degrees.
Challenges faced by biology-related degree holders in finding jobs without advanced degrees or licenses.
Personal anecdote of a friend with a biology bachelor's degree struggling to secure employment.
Emphasis on the importance of securing a job with a four-year degree before pursuing further education.
Encouragement to pursue higher education for better opportunities rather than feeling obligated.
Highlighting opportunities for higher pay and increased job prospects in STEM fields with advanced degrees.
Importance of Higher Degrees Over Bachelor's Degrees.
Pursuing degrees with limited job opportunities, such as language degrees, can lead to regrets due to impracticality.
Data supports concerns about the decreasing value of certain degrees, prompting a need for a clear plan when pursuing higher education.
Backlash received for criticizing foreign language degrees, but the emphasis remains on avoiding inefficiency in education choices.
Importance of studying English for aspiring authors.
English is a popular degree choice for smart individuals.
Minor or double major in English if passionate about the subject.
Majoring in English should only be done with a clear plan in mind.
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