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The BEST Double Majors For ART DEGREES

Shane Hummus2020-12-27
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The video discusses the benefits of combining art degrees with technology, business, or engineering degrees for better job prospects and higher salaries. It emphasizes the importance of planning and goal-setting in the arts, as well as seeking advice from professionals. The speaker encourages viewers to explore more content on Patreon and engage with the video through likes, comments, and shares.

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Best double majors for art degrees to improve job prospects.
Pairing art with technology degrees like graphic design and computer science can lead to better career prospects and higher salaries.
Web development is highlighted as a lucrative career path with high demand.
Art degrees offer job security as some roles are less likely to be automated.
Combining art with technology fields can lead to more opportunities and higher earning potential.
Benefits of combining an art degree with a business degree.
Business degrees impart valuable personal finance skills and versatile skills applicable across industries.
Business degrees are common among top degrees that lead to high earning potential.
Pairing an art degree with an engineering degree, like industrial design and industrial engineering, can result in lucrative career paths.
Combining architecture and civil engineering degrees can also lead to high starting and mid-career pay.
Disparities in Lifetime Earnings Based on College Degrees.
Engineers earn significantly more over a lifetime than the average college degree holder.
Art-related degrees have limited job opportunities, potentially relegating them to minor or hobby status.
Success in the arts may not be guaranteed with an art degree; practice and skill development are emphasized.
Planning, goal-setting, and seeking advice from professional artists are important for success in artistic careers.
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