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Jobs Of The Future Tier List (Top 100 Careers Ranked)

Shane Hummus2022-03-30
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The video ranks common U.S. careers based on financial perspective, covering job opportunities and pay scales across various sectors. It emphasizes the importance of researching and considering personal interest when choosing a career. The speaker discusses job options ranging from entry-level roles to high-paying professions, highlighting the impact of technology and automation on job sectors. The video aims to assist viewers in finding lucrative career opportunities and staying engaged with the content, providing resources for researching different careers.

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The video ranks the 100 most common careers in the United States from S tier to F tier based on financial perspective.
Retail salesperson is the most common job in the US with over 4 million employed, offering potential for growth.
Cashiers are undervalued despite high customer interaction, with over 3.3 million making minimum wage and facing challenging customers like 'Karens'.
The ranking is based on job opportunities and pay rather than societal value, emphasizing the importance of understanding the financial aspects of a career choice.
Ranking of Jobs Based on Pay and Job Satisfaction
Food preparation workers are highlighted for their low pay and hard work.
Registered nurses are discussed for their diverse career paths and potential for high earnings as travel nurses.
Waiters/waitresses are mentioned in the context of their job satisfaction.
Customer service representatives are praised for the flexibility of remote roles and the importance of researching personal interests in choosing a career is emphasized.
Discussion of job opportunities in physical roles such as janitors, cleaners, and freight stock laborers.
Trade careers are highlighted for their potential for good pay, despite variations in reported earnings.
Emphasis on truck driving as a lucrative option with the potential for six-figure incomes.
Minimal education and training required for truck driving, but extended periods away from family are involved.
Overall recommendation of truck driving as a high-paying job with low upfront costs.
Overview of Job Opportunities and Pay Scales.
Various roles discussed include wholesale sales representatives, office supervisors, teacher assistants, maintenance workers, retail sales supervisors, and more.
Decline of executive secretaries due to software and potential growth in accounting careers.
Mention of low pay for home health aides despite being a fast-growing field, with a prediction of possible pay increase due to high demand.
Overall, the segment provides insights into different job options and their respective prospects.
Various career options and their income levels are discussed.
Team assemblers and fabricators do not require high education but involve hard work.
Restaurant cooks and maids make around $29,000 and $28,000 a year, respectively.
Landscaping workers earn about $33,000 and have a physically demanding job.
Delivery service drivers have a localized job and a better work-life balance.
Overview of career options and salary ranges.
Professions discussed include packers, police officers, carpenters, child care workers, lawyers, computer support specialists, and bank tellers.
Importance of considering personal preferences and skills when choosing a profession.
Impact of technology and automation on job availability and salary prospects.
Emphasis on challenges and benefits of each career option.
Overview of Job Positions and Salaries
Management analysts and service sales representatives are noted for their high potential earnings and job growth.
Industrial truck operators are highlighted for their lucrative career opportunities.
Electricians are mentioned as a favorable trade career option.
Dishwashers and application software developers are considered less favorable in terms of pay and job prospects.
Overview of job positions and their salary ranges, growth rates, and job outlooks.
Human resources specialists and first-line supervisors have good pay and growth rates, while bill and account collectors have negative job outlooks.
Importance of having both sales and technical skills for technical sales representatives to earn high salaries.
Categorization of job positions into tiers based on salary, growth, and job outlook.
Emphasis on potential for lucrative careers in certain industries without the need for a college degree.
Overview of Career Options and Salary Outlook.
Social and human service assistance, machinist, hairdresser, and computer programmers are highlighted for their job outlook and salary potential.
Careers involving cash transactions are noted to often pay more than reported.
Pharmacy technicians are mentioned as requiring minimal education and experience but with decent salary growth potential.
Postal service mail carriers are highlighted for their stability, benefits, and physical activity, while sales managers are mentioned for their high earning potential.
Overview of Career Options and Salaries
Different career paths such as insurance sales agents, welders, firefighters, dental assistants, physicians, and recreation workers are discussed, with varying salary ranges and growth rates.
Importance of Choosing a Career Wisely
Emphasis on selecting a career for the right reasons and showcasing the potential for success in specific fields with the right mindset.
Lucrative Career Options
Real estate agent highlighted as a profitable choice due to flexibility and potential for additional income streams.
Top-Tier Career Choices
Data analysts, engineers, and real estate agents mentioned as top-tier career options for individuals seeking high earning potential and job satisfaction.
Resources for researching different high-paying entry-level careers.
A list of careers shared in Google Docs in the video description.
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Aim of the video is to help viewers find lucrative career opportunities and stay engaged with the content.