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How To Get A Business Administration Management Degree In 6 Months WGU

Shane Hummus2023-02-17
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Learn how to quickly earn a BS in Business Administration Management in six months through competency-based education at universities like WGU. Transfer existing credits, utilize resources like cheat sheets, and test out of classes to expedite the process. By taking multiple classes per day, pre-studying remaining classes, and utilizing study materials from Google, YouTube, and Khan Academy, individuals can complete a degree in a year and a half. Consider the benefits of competency-based universities like WGU, but also weigh the pros and cons of remote learning and distractions at home.

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Accelerate your education with a BS in Business Administration Management in just six months through competency-based education.
Transfer existing credits, including AP, IB, college credits, CLEP exams, certifications, work experience, and military experience, to expedite the process.
Follow a simple four-step process and work with a counselor to determine which classes you can skip.
Utilize resources like cheat sheets to streamline the process.
Strategies for quickly completing a degree.
Utilize transferring credits and testing out of classes using third-party companies.
Recommended reliable options include study.com, sophia.org, and straighterline.com.
These companies offer a faster, easier, and cheaper way to earn credits compared to traditional methods.
Individuals can complete a degree in about a year and a half, even while working full-time or managing other commitments.
Benefits of taking multiple classes at WGU.
Entry-level courses are easy and textbooks are not expensive.
Cheat sheet system introduced for navigating classes easily.
Pre-studying remaining classes before enrolling to graduate faster and minimize costs.
Importance of utilizing resources like WGU subreddit and Facebook group for study tips and test preparation, as well as saving money through grants, scholarships, and student aid.
Strategies for passing classes and tests quickly.
Utilizing resources like Google, YouTube, and Khan Academy for study materials.
Examples of individuals completing credit units quickly at WGU by testing out of classes.
Comparing time and cost savings of testing out of a degree in six months versus traditional 5.1 year college degrees.
Cheat sheet provided for WGU classes and study.com classes that can be transferred for credit.
Transfer of Credits and Testing Out at WGU
Testing out of classes is emphasized as the most efficient way to progress at WGU.
Pre-studying remaining classes before enrolling is recommended to streamline the process.
Thirteen classes need to be completed to earn a degree at WGU.
The speaker stresses the importance of simplicity to avoid confusion and hints at potential updates to recommended platforms.
Completing a degree at WGU in less than a year through pre-studying classes.
Emphasis on the ease of the degree program and encouragement to share achievement with loved ones.
Noting that WGU is not the only competency-based university and remote learning may not be suitable for everyone due to distractions at home.
Highlighting the importance of weighing the pros and cons of attending WGU or similar universities.