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How To Buy Stocks On WeBull App For Beginners Quick WeBull App Tutorial

Shane Hummus2022-03-11
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The video tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on buying stocks using the Weeble app, including navigating to the markets section, choosing between limit and market orders, funding the account via ACH transfer, and depositing at least $100 for free stocks. It also emphasizes the importance of confirming purchases, monitoring order status, and engaging with the creator's content.

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How to buy stocks on the Weeble app for beginners.
The process involves navigating to the markets section and using the search feature to find a stock.
Beginners have the option to choose between a limit order, which allows for setting a specific price, and a market order, which executes quickly.
Users can receive up to three free stocks from Weeble by using a provided link.
Placing a Market Order and Funding Your Account.
The video provides step-by-step instructions on how to place a market order to buy shares, confirm the purchase, and check the order status.
Funding the account requires an ACH transfer, for which bank account and routing numbers are needed.
Methods to find this information include checking a physical check, online banking portals, or contacting the bank directly.
Setting up the bank details on the platform and funding the account with a specified amount is essential for proper funding of trading activities.
Instructions on depositing funds into Weeble and receiving free stocks.
Deposit at least $100 to receive free stocks and follow the process of double-checking information, confirming the deposit, and monitoring updates.
Depositing a larger amount, like $10,000, may grant quicker access to a portion of the funds, with the remainder accessible within three to four days.
Encouragement to engage with the video creator's content by liking, subscribing, and turning on notifications.