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Great Alternatives To Getting A College Degree

Shane Hummus2021-10-13
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The video explores alternative career paths to college, such as trade school, apprenticeships, military service, and online certifications. It highlights the growing importance of non-traditional education and the need for individuals to adapt to the evolving job market. Starting a business, working up within a company, and pursuing accelerated college programs are also discussed as viable options for career advancement. The speaker encourages viewers to explore these alternatives and emphasizes the potential for success in diverse career paths.

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Alternatives to a college degree due to rising costs and decreasing value.
Emphasizes the importance of considering personal preferences when choosing between college and alternatives.
Trade school as a viable alternative, highlighting high-paying trade careers beyond traditional jobs like plumbing.
Bureau of Labor Statistics may underestimate trade career earnings, with many transactions being in cash.
Suggests that trade careers could be more lucrative than commonly believed.
Benefits of Trade Careers, Apprenticeships, and Military Service.
Trade careers can be lucrative, especially when starting a business.
Apprenticeships offer on-the-job training with pay, allowing for an early start in the industry.
Joining the military provides training for high-paying jobs, with options for college education later on.
Military service can be temporary for benefits and experience or a long-term career with retirement benefits after 20 years of service.
The evolving career landscape is creating new job opportunities like social media managers.
Traditional education may not keep up with innovation, leading to the rise of certification programs as valuable alternatives.
Certifications provide quick training and credentials for high-demand jobs where traditional education lacks.
Individuals need to adapt and pursue non-traditional paths for skill acquisition and career advancement.
Benefits of online training platforms for certifications in skills like data analytics, project management, user interface design, and app development.
Certifications can be more advantageous than traditional college degrees, particularly for self-learners.
Platforms such as Skillshare, Udemy, and Teachable offer flexible and affordable online courses for job training or entrepreneurship.
Caution is necessary as some courses may be costly or not effective.
Online education is viewed as a transformative force similar to the historical impact of books on education.
Highlights of Online Training and Career Development
Importance of distinguishing between legitimate online courses and scams.
Advantages of starting from entry-level positions and working up within a company.
Discussion on entrepreneurship, focusing on the challenges, risks, rewards, and personal freedom.
Emphasis on the significance of having the right mindset for success in starting a business.
Benefits and Challenges of Starting Your Own Business.
Starting a business provides freedom but also requires increased responsibility, stress, and risk.
Rapid innovation presents numerous opportunities for success in entrepreneurship.
Western Governors University offers accelerated college programs for motivated individuals to complete degrees in a shorter time frame.
Self-paced learning, cost-effective options, and quicker graduation are key advantages of accelerated programs like those offered at Western Governors University.
Summary of career path videos on the channel.
The speaker has produced videos on career paths for over four years.
Viewers are invited to explore the channel for additional information.
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