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Google Certificate Tier List

Shane Hummus2023-04-07
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Google, IBM, and Meta offer valuable career certificates in data analytics, project management, UX design, cybersecurity, and social media marketing. These certificates lead to high-demand IT jobs with salaries ranging from $45,000 to $174,000 per year. Building a strong portfolio is crucial for success, with Google Support certificates providing a competitive edge and access to exclusive job boards. Practical application of essential skills and prioritizing job placement readiness is advised for entry-level roles in the technology industry. Overall, these certifications offer valuable opportunities for career advancement and skill development in various fields.

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Google career certificates are valuable and serve as a job cheat code.
Certificates were created due to a lack of skilled individuals in certain positions.
Google, IBM, and Meta offer these certificates in partnership with Coursera.
The Google Data Analytics certificate is popular and leads to job opportunities.
It is important to stay updated on the subjects taught in these certificates to align with industry demands.
Data analytics is a lucrative career path with an average salary of $93,000 per year.
IT jobs, such as IT administrator and software engineer, offer salaries ranging from $72,000 to $110,000.
Data analytics has over 578,000 entry-level job results on LinkedIn, while IT administrator roles have around 14,000 listings.
Investing in certifications like IBM and working on a diverse portfolio outside of Coursera can enhance career prospects in these fields.
Overview of Google project management and UX design certificates.
The project management certificate can lead to roles like project manager or coordinator with a salary potential of $84,000 per year.
The UX design certificate is popular for artistic careers, with UI design being more popular but UX analysis also being essential.
Both certificates can help individuals enter roles without a degree, but some work experience is recommended for success.
Importance of strong portfolio and high demand in UX design.
Google UX Design Certificate is recommended for those looking to break into the field and stand out to employers.
IBM Cyber Security Analyst Certificate more suitable for those with prior experience in related fields.
Salaries in cybersecurity are high, but transitioning into the field may require a horizontal career shift.
Job opportunities in cybersecurity offer competitive salaries and diverse roles.
Salaries range from $87,000 for analysts to $174,000 for security architects.
IBM data analyst certificate is highly rated at 4.6 out of 5 stars with good feedback and value.
Remote entry-level jobs are recommended alongside the Google professional certificate.
Overview of IBM Data Science Certificate
Data science is positioned above data analytics, requiring prior experience as a data analyst and additional skills.
The certificate has a high rating and offers lucrative job opportunities, with data scientists earning up to $125,000 per year.
Related roles like data architect and data engineer also offer significant pay in the field of data science.
Data is emphasized as invaluable, surpassing the worth of oil or gold, despite concerns about data privacy.
Importance of Social Media Marketing Certificate.
Emphasis on organic reach over paid ads in the skill set.
Entry-level social media marketing jobs offer around $45,000 per year.
Python for Everybody has a high rating but lacks focus on job placement.
Highlight on outcome-based certifications for job readiness and preference for courses designed to land employment.
Importance of Practical Application in Entry-Level Jobs
Emphasis on prioritizing necessary skills for job placement over passive learning.
Warning against wasting time and money on unnecessary knowledge.
Reminder of missed opportunity costs associated with not focusing on essential skills.
Encouragement for discussion and feedback, especially from certificate holders.
Value of Google Support certificates.
Certificates are respected by hiring managers, recruiters, and business owners due to brand recognition.
Provide access to exclusive job boards with numerous companies.
Can serve as a powerful tool on LinkedIn profiles, attracting business attention.
While certificates may not guarantee a job, they can set individuals apart and potentially get them 80-90% of the way towards employment success.
Opportunities in IT Industry
Building a strong portfolio and acquiring necessary skills is essential for entering the IT industry.
Over 400,000 job openings are available in the IT sector.
Google career certificate graduates have reported career improvement.
Entry-level roles like help desk can lead to a salary of $46,000 per year, while systems analysts make around $86,000.