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Discord Setup ULTIMATE Beginner's Guide (How To Make A Discord Server!)

Shane Hummus2022-03-25
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💫 Short Summary

The video provides a comprehensive guide on starting and managing a Discord server, covering topics such as creating channels, setting up roles, and assigning permissions. It also discusses ways to monetize Discord, including selling services and partnering with sponsors. Tips on using the Me6 bot for automation and shortcuts for setting up a server are shared. Additionally, the video highlights the use of Patreon to offer exclusive content and generate income through Discord. Viewers are encouraged to explore recommended service providers on Fiverr for custom server setups.

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Discord is highlighted as a lucrative platform with users making millions yearly; it's not just for gamers anymore.
The video offers a comprehensive guide on starting a Discord server, emphasizing the importance of creating an account and navigating channels.
Viewers are encouraged to watch the entire video for detailed instructions or use timestamps provided.
The content creator also teases a gift for viewers and showcases their own professional-looking Discord server.
Basic usage tips are shared, such as scrolling through channels and reading announcements.
Discord usage basics.
Discussions should be relevant to the chat to maintain a coherent conversation.
React to comments and reply to specific people to engage with users effectively.
Control notifications to avoid being overwhelmed by constant alerts.
Create servers and use templates like gaming or study group for specific purposes.
Manage text channels and categories to organize discussions efficiently.
Setting up categories and channels in a Discord server is demonstrated in the video segment.
The process includes naming categories, adding emojis for visual appeal, and organizing channels within categories.
Importance of distinguishing between public and private channels, like moderator and premium content channels, is emphasized.
Tips on editing channel names and creating a user-friendly layout are provided.
The segment offers a step-by-step guide on setting up a Discord server with various channels and categories.
Importance of choosing appropriate colors for roles to ensure readability, especially in dark mode.
Instructions on creating basic member roles and selecting colors.
Tips on displaying members separately from online members for a more organized layout.
Enhancing user experience by customizing role colors and visibility settings.
Setting up moderator roles on Discord.
Emphasize hierarchy and permissions for moderators, allowing them to kick, ban, and timeout members, manage roles, emojis, messages, and view audit logs.
Caution advised when granting permissions for managing server or web hooks.
Give moderators a good amount of power while trusting their judgment.
Specific details on role settings, color choices, and permissions highlighted for an effective moderator role on Discord.
Setting up server roles in a specific order is crucial for proper organization and management.
The video provides step-by-step instructions on creating and customizing moderator, admin, bot, and premium roles.
Adjusting permissions for different channels and ensuring role hierarchy are essential for effective moderation.
Saving changes after modifying roles is emphasized for maintaining the desired settings.
Granting specific permissions to moderators and admins enables efficient access and management of various channels.
Assigning permissions to admins and moderators on a channel should be based on trust and access needed.
Admins should have access to everything, while moderators may have limited permissions.
Manage permissions related to creating invites and managing the channel carefully.
For premium content, only allow premium members access by setting appropriate permissions.
Consider allowing premium members to embed links based on channel needs, while being cautious of spammers.
Setting up the Me6 bot on Discord for automation of member roles and welcome messages.
The bot can assign roles to new members, send welcome messages, and perform custom actions.
Users can save time and streamline server management tasks by authorizing and configuring the bot.
The process includes selecting the server, setting permissions, and customizing welcome messages.
Prioritize giving the Me6 bot role above others for proper functionality.
Discord offers multiple ways to make money, such as selling services, partnering with sponsors, and selling premium roles and bots.
Creating a premium section for live streams and chats can be highly profitable, with some users earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.
Max Meyer is an example of a user who utilizes Patreon to offer different membership tiers, attracting over 10,000 patrons.
Meyer provides coaching, buy and sell alerts, and live streams to generate income for his Discord server.
Use of Patreon and Discord for offering investment advice and career coaching.
Process of setting up paid tiers on Patreon and connecting to Discord for different levels of access.
Flexibility of creating multiple Patreon tiers for various Discord features like basic access, live streams, and direct messaging.
Ease of creating a Discord server with an estimated setup time of 10 to 20 hours.
Setting up a Discord server can be done quickly using templates from websites like discordtemplates.me.
Invite initial members by sharing a link with friends or promoting on social media.
Being active in other Discord servers can help attract members to your own server.
To advertise, consider using Fiverr to find people to promote the Discord server, but be cautious of fake members and adhere to Discord's terms of service.
Fiverr offers services to set up Discord servers for various purposes, from template-based setups to specialized servers like NFT, stocks, crypto, and gaming groups.
Service providers on Fiverr are available at different price points, including those recommended by the speaker in the video.
A link to the recommended service providers is shared in the video description, along with an invitation to watch another video on supercar owners.
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