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Associate Degree Tier List 2023 (Associate Majors RANKED)

Shane Hummus2022-12-20
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The video evaluates associate majors based on salary, demand, and job satisfaction, ranking them from best to worst. It highlights the rise of creativity in art and the viability of careers like web design. Engineering and health degrees are highly valued, offering high career satisfaction. Niche health degrees and liberal arts degrees are also discussed. Science degrees at the associate level can lead to well-paying jobs, while business degrees offer successful career paths. The video concludes with recommendations for exploring opportunities in Tech sales for quick career entry and high earning potential.

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Ranking of associate majors based on salary, demand, and job satisfaction.
Art degrees are generally not recommended, except for a small percentage excelling in their field.
Collaboration with other artists is emphasized over formal education.
Multimedia and web design highlighted as a career option with starting pay around $40,000 and mid-career pay of $65,000.
Rising platforms offer opportunities for artists to make money through creativity.
Web design and UI design are viable career options in the art field, with college not being necessary for success.
Communication degrees and education degrees at the associate level have average starting salaries of $33,000 and $30,000 respectively.
Despite the importance of teaching, objective ratings place these careers in lower tiers.
For those interested in teaching, WGU offers a quick path to a bachelor's degree in education.
Value of Engineering and Health Degrees in the Job Market.
Engineering degrees equip individuals with practical problem-solving skills, while health degrees lead to high career satisfaction.
These degrees create a competitive advantage and serve as barriers to entry for certain careers.
Lucrative associate degrees include instrumentation and control engineering, while radiation therapy offers high starting and mid-career pay.
Job satisfaction and meaningful work are crucial for overall happiness, with health careers often scoring high in these areas.
Overview of niche health degrees and careers and their education and salary potential.
Language-related degrees, such as translation, may not require a degree but can benefit from an associate level degree.
Liberal arts degrees, like history, have limited career paths and may not provide high earning potential.
Associate level math degrees can lead to careers like accounting assistant with average salaries and meaning scores.
Job prospects and earning potential of science degrees at the associate level.
Associate level science degrees can lead to well-paying jobs like laboratory technician without needing a bachelor's degree.
Bachelor's degrees in biology may not guarantee job opportunities in the field.
Psychology degrees at the associate level have limited job prospects, with some potential roles like paralegal.
Social science degrees, such as anthropology, offer decent salaries but may have limited job opportunities.
The importance of obtaining a PhD in anthropology due to limited job availability in the field.
The potential for successful careers and high salaries with business degrees at the associate level.
The motivation of individuals with business degrees to make money and pursue managerial or entrepreneurial roles.
The competitive edge provided by having an associate's degree in project management.
The recommendation to explore opportunities in Tech sales for quick career entry and high earning potential.
Success in Tech Sales and Training Programs.
The individual overcame a negative college experience to excel in Tech sales.
The video promotes free training and community support for those interested in Tech sales, offering guaranteed interviews with partner companies.
Degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics are emphasized for their career potential and salary ranges, particularly in web development.
Recommendations for further resources and interviews are provided for additional insight and guidance.