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15 Side Jobs Anyone Can Do To Make Money

Shane Hummus2024-03-08
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Various side hustles with lucrative earning potentials are discussed, including laundry services through apps like Poppin, stage management, vehicle test driving, flipping items, user testing, tech sales, pet care services, candle making, voiceover work, coaching, and furniture reselling. Additional opportunities include podcast setup services and selling plants for significant profits. The video references a viral video titled '21 dirty side hustles' for more unconventional money-making ideas.

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Lucrative opportunity in providing laundry services as a side job.
Apps like Poppin allow individuals to earn up to $36 an hour by offering laundry services.
Demand exists from busy clients willing to pay a premium for convenience.
Independent laundry business can be started with avenues like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for advertising.
Appeals to clients with disposable income but limited time, making it a viable source of income with a 7.5 out of 10 opportunity score.
Stage management involves orchestrating behind-the-scenes magic in theaters and performances, working for theater companies, production houses, and dance troops.
In-house stage managers cost companies $48 to $84,000 annually, but freelancers can earn more.
Valuable skills include setting up, breaking down, and problem prevention.
Stage management is a lucrative side hustle with various entry points.
Art modeling involves posing for drawings, typically paying $25 an hour.
Opportunities in the creator economy.
Vehicle test drivers evaluate vehicle performance, safety, and mechanics, providing feedback on new models and prototypes.
Test drivers can earn between $53,000 to $83,000 annually, with some companies hiring individuals without extensive vehicle knowledge.
Another opportunity is becoming a YouTube movie review recap script writer, summarizing movies into engaging scripts for quick viewing.
The creator economy on platforms like YouTube is rapidly growing, offering a profitable avenue for individuals to generate income through content creation.
Flipping items is a profitable side hustle involving buying low and selling high on platforms like eBay and Craigslist.
Some individuals have made $42,000 part-time and $133,000 full-time from flipping items.
Success in flipping items can be achieved by choosing a niche you are knowledgeable about, such as trading cards or shoes.
User testing involves evaluating websites and apps to provide feedback for usability improvements.
Companies use feedback from user testing to enhance their digital presence and improve website engagement through intuitive design.
Opportunities for Extra Income through User Testing, Tech Sales, and Pet Care Services.
User testing websites like UserTesting.com and Userlytics offer a chance to make money by providing feedback on website design.
Entry-level jobs in tech sales, specifically as a business development representative, can be highly profitable with potential earnings reaching up to $770,000 a year.
Pet care services such as dog walking and pet sitting provide a flexible side job option that allows for caring for animals and earning a premium for quality service.
Lucrative opportunities for additional income in pet care, professional organizing, and candle making businesses.
Potential earnings range from $53,000 to $133,000 annually in these fields.
Platforms like Rover and TaskRabbit can help connect service providers with clients in the pet care and organizing industries.
Candle making can be a profitable side job by creating and selling handmade candles with unique scents, colors, and shapes.
These opportunities offer a flexible way to cater to people's needs for pet care, organizing, and unique products.
Opportunities for Profitable Careers
Starting a candle business can be profitable, with some individuals making significant income within a short period.
Voiceover work is in demand due to the authenticity real people bring compared to AI voices.
Despite not requiring expensive equipment, voiceover artists can earn between $57,000 to $105,000 annually.
Coaching, such as life coaching or career coaching, is another viable career option for those with expertise in a particular area.
Overall, these opportunities offer potential for financial success and personal fulfillment.
Opportunities for Lucrative Business Models in Coaching and Furniture Reselling.
Life coaches can earn between $54-92k annually by providing feedback and guidance for personal and business development.
Reselling cleaned furniture like couches can result in high profits by buying used items cheap and selling them at nearly new prices.
Many individuals are making $3-6k monthly from flipping couches in the resale market.
Computer technician roles offer various side job opportunities with different specialties, providing additional income streams.
Potential side hustles discussed: setting up podcasts for others and selling plants.
Setting up podcasts requires understanding technology and camera features, with high demand due to the popularity of YouTube channels and podcasts.
Selling plants can include growing flowers or niche plants like bonsai trees, with the potential for significant profits.
Examples of individuals earning substantial income from selling plants part-time are shared, showcasing the scalability of the business model.
Summary of '21 Dirty Side Hustles' video.
The video provides unconventional and unique methods to make money.
Viewers are encouraged to watch the video for more details on the side hustles.
The side hustles mentioned in the video are considered to be out of the box and creative.
The video aims to inspire viewers to think creatively about making money.