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13 Side Hustles For Extra Money You Can Do From Your Phone (That ACTUALLY Work)

Shane Hummus2023-03-14
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The video explores 13 side hustles that can be done from a phone to make extra money, including participating in mock juries, answering questions on Course Hero, TaskRabbit tasks, selling old items, and food delivery services. It discusses the potential earnings and drawbacks of each hustle, emphasizing the need for physical presence in some cases. The video also highlights the creator economy, Uber and Lyft driving opportunities, and the value of online courses for exploring high-paying careers without a college degree. Overall, it provides practical insights into making extra income through various methods.

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13 side hustles that can be done from a phone to make more money than many jobs.
The speaker emphasizes actual ways to make extra money rather than online surveys or expensive courses.
Data on various apps and side hustles were gathered and ranked from 1 to 10 based on personal experience.
Participating in mock juries is mentioned as a hustle where individuals provide feedback for pay, although it's not a sustainable income source.
Course Hero is highlighted as a platform where individuals answer student questions for compensation.
Making money on platforms like Course Hero through answering questions and surveys can be flexible but faces competition from individuals in countries with lower costs of living.
Opportunities include answering questions, participating in surveys, and providing reviews, with potential payouts ranging from $15 to $20.
Living in a first world English-speaking country may give an advantage in accessing these opportunities.
Despite the potential for extra income, the competition has increased, making it less lucrative than expected.
TaskRabbit allows users to earn money by completing real-life tasks such as cleaning, deliveries, and minor repairs, with potential earnings of $35 per hour or more.
TaskRabbit requires physical presence for tasks, leading to higher pay rates compared to other apps.
Users have reported making six figures in a year through the app.
TaskRabbit provides a platform for hiring individuals for specific tasks, offering a more flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional services.
The app's success is evident through testimonials on platforms like Reddit, showcasing its potential for substantial earnings.
Taskrabbit is a great way to make extra money completing tasks for others, with potential to earn tips.
Selling old items or flipping goods is a profitable side hustle, with opportunities to find valuable items for cheap and resell them at a higher price.
It's a timeless method that can be done part-time or full-time, teaching valuable skills along the way.
While it may require effort and going to different places, it offers a lucrative income stream and flexibility for all ages.
Food delivery services like UberEats and Postmates require transportation for timely deliveries.
The sector is saturated, leading to decreased profitability.
In-person interaction is necessary, making it less convenient than other online money-making methods.
Despite the challenges, it still offers decent earning potential.
Overall, it earns a 7 out of 10 money score.
Opportunities in the Creator Economy.
Single creators are now receiving more views than entire TV networks, leading to a growing demand for assistance with tasks like creating thumbnails, writing scripts, and video editing.
Working for social media influencers like MrBeast can entail a range of roles, from scriptwriting to repurposing content for different platforms.
Field Agent offers opportunities to visit stores, review products, and complete surveys for market research.
User testing allows individuals to earn $10-15 per test, providing a chance to make extra money with tasks lasting 15-20 minutes each.
Opportunities for Immediate Income with Uber and Lyft.
Driving for Uber and Lyft can be a good way to make money quickly, especially if you have a car.
Short-Term vs Long-Term Career Options.
Answering surveys may not be a reliable source of income and can be a waste of time.
Entry-Level Careers for Long-Term Sustainability and Skill Development.
Benefits of online courses for exploring high-paying entry-level careers.
Online courses provide in-demand skills at low cost, available for free audit or purchase.
No college degree or experience required to take advantage of these opportunities.
Affordability and accessibility make online courses a great option for exploring different career paths.
Speaker encourages viewers to check out a video on their top five favorite courses for more information.