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11 Freelance Jobs For Beginners (2024)

Shane Hummus2024-01-01
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The video highlights various freelance job opportunities for beginners in 2024, including beta readers, color season analysts, style advisers, podcast show notes writers, gaming coaches, SEO writers, internet researchers, editors, voiceover artists, and bookkeepers. It emphasizes the potential for high earnings in these fields, with specific examples of successful individuals making substantial incomes. The gig economy is expanding rapidly, offering numerous remote work opportunities with significant income potential in various industries like digital marketing, writing, coaching, and social media management.

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Freelance jobs for beginners in 2024.
Beta readers provide feedback on manuscripts and books before publication, no writing background required, can earn over $20 per hour.
Color season analyst assesses color trends for industries like fashion and product development, requires a good sense of fashion.
Color season analyst position can pay between $48,000 to $72,000 per year.
High earning potential in style advice services such as providing haircut recommendations based on face shape.
A fashion adviser earning six figures annually by helping clients improve their appearance with haircut suggestions.
One-on-one services offer the best pay in this field, with opportunities also available online.
Podcast show notes writers summarize episodes to enhance content and aid audience engagement.
Utilizing AI software like Descript can streamline the process for podcast show notes writers, with freelancers charging $25 to $50 per hour.
Opportunities for Gamers to Monetize Skills through Coaching.
High school dropout turned gaming into a $15 million startup.
Lucrative coaching opportunities in games like chess post-'The Queen's Gambit' popularity.
Success in coaching services for YouTube.
Introduction to SEO writing and its value in improving website rankings on search engines.
Lucrative career opportunities in freelance SEO writing and internet research.
Writers can earn between $52-$81k annually, while researchers can make $113k a year.
Specializing in a niche, like finance, can help writers stand out and earn higher rates.
Digital marketing, including SEO writing and internet research, provides job opportunities for individuals without a college degree or prior experience.
Expert guidance from industry professionals like Seth can help aspiring freelancers succeed in the digital marketing industry.
Lucrative opportunities in proofreading, editing, voiceover acting, and bookkeeping.
Proofreaders and editors can earn $51 to $80,000 a year through platforms like Upwork and websites such as proofreadingservices.com and flexjobs.com.
Voiceover artists have the potential to make $57 to $115,000 a year, with opportunities on websites like voices.com, upwork.com, and flexjobs.com.
Bookkeeping is a seasonal side hustle that can be lucrative during tax season, providing various opportunities throughout the year.
Opportunities for Remote Bookkeepers and Social Media Managers.
Bookkeepers focus on detailed financial work, while accountants handle strategic tax planning.
Social media managers assist companies in engaging with their target audience through different platforms.
Specializing in specific social media platforms can lead to higher earnings.
Both bookkeeping and social media management offer high income potential and job availability in the expanding gig economy.