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7 Purchases Under $100 To Quickly Improve Your Life

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The video discusses seven products that can significantly improve focus and productivity, including a kitchen lock box with a timer to reduce phone distractions, a portable notebook for writing tasks and goals, gum and mints with focus-boosting ingredients, a timer designed for kids that also works well for adults, a dedicated phone spot for workouts, a voice assistant for hands-free control, and blue light blocking glasses for better sleep.

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In a world with increasing distractions, focus on products that improve your life and productivity.
Tested over 150 products to boost productivity and focus.
Only seven products are used daily.
Cost of the products is less than 100, with the potential to repay itself 10 times over.
The kitchen lock box with a timer helps minimize distractions and improve focus by locking away the phone or any other distractions.
The box has a timer that can be set for up to 10 days.
The only way to open the box before the time is up is to break it.
The speaker found it easier to focus when the phone was locked away in the box.
Using a notebook and pen for taking notes and to-do lists can help improve focus and productivity by minimizing digital distractions.
Writing things down to look up later can help avoid distractions and maintain a flow state.
Gum and mints with caffeine, l-theanine, and B vitamins can provide a subtle energy boost without a crash.
Using a timer with a red progress indicator can increase self-regulation and focus.
An analog timer with a cover is used for completing tasks and taking breaks, and a selfie stick is repurposed as a workout tracker for a focused workout.
Timer has a cover and silo mode for use in public places.
Selfie stick used as a workout tracker helps in not getting distracted by the phone.
Voice assistant for hands-free control of tasks and devices, and blue light blocking glasses for improved focus and sleep are recommended products for boosting productivity.
Voice assistant can control music, lights, temperature, and set reminders.
Blue light blocking glasses help in managing sleep and improving focus.
💫 FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are some affordable products that can help boost productivity and focus?

Seven products costing less than $100 have been identified as effective tools to enhance productivity and focus, including a kitchen lock box, a portable notebook, special gum and mints, a time management tool, a dedicated phone spot for workouts, a hands-free device, and blue light blocking glasses.

2. How can the kitchen lock box with a timer help improve focus?

The kitchen lock box with a timer can be used to lock away distractions, such as the phone, during work or study sessions, allowing individuals to focus without the temptation of constantly checking their devices.

3. What is the 'most important piece of equipment' mentioned in the video, and how does it contribute to productivity?

The 'most important piece of equipment' is a notebook and pen, which the speaker considers crucial for productivity. The notebook is used for writing to-do lists, shopping lists, goals, and other information, providing a tangible and permanent method for capturing thoughts and ideas.

4. Are there any recommended tools for managing work sessions and boosting focus?

Two recommended tools for managing work sessions and enhancing focus are the Pomodoro Technique timer, which visually indicates the time remaining with a red progress display, and a dedicated phone spot using a repurposed selfie stick to prevent distractions during workouts.

5. How can the use of blue light blocking glasses contribute to improved focus and mood?

Wearing blue light blocking glasses in the evening can help regulate the body's circadian rhythm, leading to better sleep quality and ultimately enhancing focus and mood over the long term.