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A Priest Offers A Startling New View Of The St Malachy Prophecy

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The video segments debunk the St. Malachi prophecy, questioning its accuracy and validity based on historical inconsistencies. They discuss potential future Popes, the concept of anti-popes, and the significance of brightness in the church amidst social upheaval. There is speculation on Pope Francis's status as an anti-pope and the challenges it poses for future pontificates. The segments also touch on the rebuilding of infrastructure, the Third Temple, and the importance of prayer for the church.

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Dissecting the St. Malachi prophecy and its alleged predictions of popes.
The prophecy's descriptions of popes become more ambiguous with time.
Analysis of specific references to Pope Benedict XVI and previous popes reveals doubts about the accuracy of the predictions.
Historical inconsistencies and vague interpretations lead the speaker to express disbelief in the prophecy's validity.
The segment aims to debunk the St. Malachi prophecy and showcases the speaker's skepticism towards its predictions.
Catholic prophecy and the future of the church.
Prophecies predict a holy Pope guiding the church through tribulations towards the reign of the Immaculate Heart before sin returns.
Mystics also speak of a monarch restoring Christendom and collaborating with a holy Pope.
Father Wiim HL offers a new perspective, emphasizing the rebuilding of civilization with a French monarch.
Italian journalist Marco Tsadi's research on Catholic prophecy and its ties to Rome is praised for its accuracy and depth.
The papal prophecy of St. Malachi is believed to date back to the Middle Ages.
The prophecy includes 112 sayings about the next popes, with the last pontificate followed by the last judgment.
Recent analysis by historians corrected previous assignments of pontificates, suggesting that if Francis is the last pope, three more will follow.
This interpretation challenges traditional beliefs and raises questions about the future of the papacy and the timing of the end times.
Prophecy about a cosmic catastrophe under the next Pope and reference to the ultimate Pope and the glory of the olive.
Mention of Petrus Romanus and a persecution of the church connected to current events under Pope Francis.
Symbolism of the Moon, astrology in medieval times, and the ambivalence surrounding its interpretation discussed.
Analysis of the motto in the prophecy in the context of dark and threatening pontificates, potentially relating to Pope Francis.
Clarification that Malachi's mottos signify the state of the church and not a categorization of Popes as good or bad.
Discussion on Pope Francis' pontificate and concerns about confusion and heresy in the church.
Concerns raised about demonic influences in the church and the potential for a new era after Pope Francis' pontificate.
Exploring interpretations of prophecies related to the church's future and the role of future popes in bringing light or darkness.
Speculation on Pope Francis' status as Pope and its implications for the direction of the church.
Discussion on potential changes in the Catholic Church, including a new Pope and upcoming conclave.
Mention of social movements and forces of evil impacting the world and the church.
Reference to hidden meanings of astrology in Catholicism and the controversy surrounding its practice.
Emphasis on staying within one's lane and avoiding certain practices.
Mention of prophecies like Triumph of the Immaculate Heart and potential for a period of peace.
Significance of brightness in the church and symbolism of social upheaval and defeat of satanic influence.
Debate on classification of certain popes as anti-popes and implications for Pope Francis's pontificate.
Chaos that could result from officially declaring Francis as an anti-pope and challenges for future popes.
Analysis of prophecies and interpretations regarding the role of the Pope in feeding his flock amidst tribulations.
Discussion on anti-popes and Pope Francis' acceptance by all Cardinals and Bishops.
Potential future declaration of Francis as an anti-pope and the dangers of such claims.
Historical context of previous anti-popes being deposed, highlighting the rarity of Francis's situation.
Emphasis on the consensus of the universal church regarding Francis's status as an anti-pope being a key point of contention.
Speculation on future Popes, including the concept of Petrus Romanus and the possibility of a Roman Pope being an Italian cardinal from Rome.
Discussion on Catholic prophecy interpretations, potential events timeline such as illumination of consciousness, three days of darkness, and the emergence of a holy Pope.
Mention of a period of 'Good Harvest' as a positive spiritual time before a possible judgment.
Debate on the validity of anti-popes and anti-cardinals in historical contexts.
Discussion on rebuilding infrastructure after degradation, such as the internet, and the potential consequences of forcing events like the rebuilding of the Third Temple.
Criticism of certain Protestants' efforts to fund the Temple's rebuilding.
Mention of a priest's work and interest in posting related content.
Commentary on bad happenings in the Catholic church and the focus of adversaries.
Brief mention of antipopes and Western Schism, as well as the poor performance of educational videos on papal history.
Viewers encouraged to tune in and pray for the church.
Anthony Stein and Maria are leading the prayer session.
The importance of coming together in prayer for the church community.
A call to action for viewers to participate in the prayer session.
Highlighting the leadership of Anthony Stein and Maria in guiding the prayer session.