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i got laid off... (as a software engineer)

Namanh Kapur2023-07-31
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"Former software engineer shares her experience of getting laid off from a startup during the recession, including the company's voluntary resignation program and her decision to take the voluntary severance. She reflects on her identity and future plans after choosing to take a well-deserved break."

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The speaker, a software engineer, shares their experience of being laid off from a fintech startup during the recession.
The speaker studied computer science and had interned at companies like Slumberger, Microsoft, and Gusto.
They joined a fintech startup in 2020 and worked remotely for three years.
The company experienced job cuts during the recession, leading to three rounds of layoffs.
The third round of layoffs, which the speaker was part of, was different from the first two.
Employees with long tenures were leaving for various reasons, leading to instability and low morale.
The company introduced a voluntary resignation program (VRP) to reduce costs.
The speaker's direct manager, Peter, advised them to take the voluntary resignation program despite previously trying to convince them to stay.
The speaker had already received strong job offers from other companies and had personal challenges, but their manager still tried to keep them.
Just three weeks after the manager's request to stay, the speaker was informed that there was no head count for them.
The speaker expressed their sense of betrayal and demanded to stay, which led to their case being considered for the voluntary Severance program.
After a rollercoaster of emotions, the speaker ultimately decides to take the voluntary Severance as it gives them the opportunity to bet on themselves and avoid becoming too comfortable.
Initially feeling relief after being told they might have the option to stay, the speaker realizes they never want to be comfortable.
They believe they grow the most when they are uncomfortable, in the unknown, stressed, and anxious.
The decision to take the voluntary Severance is seen as an opportunity to bet on themselves and take time for personal growth.
The speaker decides to take the voluntary Severance and expresses plans for a well-deserved break and upcoming big projects.
They thank Ian for the opportunity to choose on their own terms.
The speaker plans to take a break and has some big projects upcoming.
💫 FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What led to the YouTuber's layoff from the fintech startup?

The YouTuber was laid off from the fintech startup due to job cuts during the recession, resulting in three rounds of layoffs.

2. How did the YouTuber's experience during the third round of layoffs differ from the previous ones?

During the third round of layoffs, the YouTuber's manager suggested taking the voluntary resignation program, leading to a feeling of betrayal after previously being convinced to stay.

3. What decision did the YouTuber ultimately make after the layoff?

The YouTuber chose to take the voluntary severance as a result of the layoff, deciding to take a well-deserved break and pursue upcoming projects.