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Uncovering Ancient Atlantean Ruins: Exploring Evolutionary Pathways and Psychic Phenomenon

Michael Salla2024-05-11
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The video delves into Ancient Atlantean ruins, Ascension vs. integration pathways, the role of psychic abilities in the UFO phenomenon, and skepticism towards government offices. It challenges traditional views on Ascension, discusses non-human technologies, and questions the capabilities of reverse engineering UFO technology. Whistleblowers lack faith in government agencies, and Elon Musk's involvement in secret space programs is speculated. The video emphasizes the importance of international collaboration in space exploration and highlights ongoing research on extraterrestrial visitation.

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Discussion on Ancient Atlantean ruins, Technologies, Ascension vs. integration Pathways, and the role of psychic abilities in UFO ET phenomenon.
Whistleblowers express more trust in US senators than in the Arrow office to act on their testimonies.
Dr. Steven GRE launches the disclosure project, discussing intelligence archives and exopolitics.
Dr. Michael Salah hosts Exopolitics today, providing uncensored truth on human, extraterrestrial, and political agendas.
Upcoming interviews on secret space programs, extraterrestrials, and contact experiences.
Discussion on experiences with extraterrestrials and the chakra system.
The speaker challenges the traditional understanding of Ascension by proposing that the chakra system is a control system implanted by extraterrestrials.
Advocacy for integration with the universe as fractal embodiments, emphasizing the soul's connection to the universe.
Alternative viewpoint sparks curiosity and invites exploration into the concept of soul evolution and identity.
Importance of psychic abilities in accessing non-human technologies.
Various countries, including Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, China, and the US, have well-funded psychic programs.
Discussion on the UFO phenomenon, the capture of crashed UFOs, and attempts to reverse engineer them.
Technologies from crashed UFOs are deemed too advanced for successful reverse engineering.
Bigelow Aerospace Corporation's unsuccessful attempts to study crashed UFO debris.
Confidence in US senators vs. Anomaly Resolution Office.
Debate within UFO community on reverse-engineered anti-gravity vehicles.
Frank Milburn believes in existence of operational fleets, others skeptical.
Historical instances of successful reverse engineering by Nazi Germany questioned.
Lack of faith in Arrow office for protection leads whistleblowers to turn to US Senators.
Elon Musk denies evidence of non-human intelligence in space despite SpaceX's satellite presence.
Possible explanations include classified briefings on secret space program crafts.
Musk's character makes belief in secret program less likely.
Use of outdated rocket propulsion technologies raises questions about suppressed advancements in space exploration.
Elon Musk briefed on alien UFOs and signed non-disclosure agreements.
Non-disclosure agreements are common in the corporate world for accessing special programs involving extraterrestrial technologies.
Lack of public release of advanced propulsion systems may hinder Musk's space exploration goals.
Speculation that SpaceX may have Intel operatives filtering UFO information from reaching Musk and senior executives.
Past incidents of radar systems tracking alien motherships being restricted by algorithms show manipulation of data is not new.
Claims of Elon Musk being subjected to mind control and involvement in secret space programs.
Radar software used by SpaceX filters out anything larger than a normal civilian aircraft as a cloud formation.
Dr. Steven Greer launched a disclosure project intelligence archive with testimonies from whistleblowers on secret space programs and extraterrestrial life.
Greer is praised for his research and documentation skills, providing valuable information above other sources currently being studied.
Exopolitics researcher compiles data from whistleblowers and military records to create a comprehensive database.
The Disclosure Project, launched in 2001, showcases testimonies from more than 60 individuals.
Access to the archive was initially challenging, but it offers significant information on secret space programs and reverse engineered alien technologies.
Serbia becomes the 11th country to join the International Luna Research Station.
China and Russia maintain their status as the primary space powers, with minimal participation from other countries in space cooperation projects.
Growth of Chinese-Russian International lunar research initiative.
Initiative aims to attract Chinese investment and political support.
Collaboration between major countries in secret space programs despite public competition.
Viability of initiative depends on Russia's involvement, emphasizing importance of international relationships in space exploration.
Webinar on Russia's secret space program development and disclosure initiatives emphasizes need for monitoring and potential involvement of other major countries like Brazil and India.
The segment introduces the topic of extraterrestrial visitation and promises further exploration in future episodes.
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