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Liberty or Death | Liberty's Kids 🇺🇸 | Full Episode

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Dr. Franklin's Printing Press works tirelessly during tensions of the Boston Tea Party, planning to purchase a new press in Williamsburg. Sarah and Dr. Franklin discuss safety concerns in Virginia and witness the selling of slaves. Patrick Henry's speech on freedom inspires unity, while Moses asserts his freedom despite opposition. The text reflects on liberty, slavery, and the moral implications of oppression, advocating for freedom's cost and eradication of slavery worldwide.

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Dr. Franklin's Printing Press faces challenges during the tensions of the Boston Tea Party.
Plans are made to purchase a new printing press in Williamsburg, Virginia.
Concerns arise about safety and slavery in Virginia, but the commitment to the common cause remains strong.
Moses is praised for his bravery, emphasizing the importance of a united front against Parliament's interference.
Preparations are made for the journey to acquire the new printing press.
Sarah expresses concern for her daughter's safety and Dr. Franklin's plan to return to America.
The group arrives in Williamsburg, commenting on the beauty of the area and smelling various foods.
Sarah is disturbed by the sight of The Auction Block where slaves are sold.
James and Moses prepare to pick up a printing press and gather news at the House of Burgesses.
Tension arises between Patrick Henry and the royal governor in Richmond.
Moses receives a letter from Dr. Benjamin Franklin, leading to a confrontation about his freedom and rights.
Cato, Moses' brother, is in danger of being sold at an auction.
Moses takes action to prevent his brother from being sold.
Moses asserts his freedom and challenges the auction process, resulting in a stand-off with the auctioneer.
Patrick Henry delivers a powerful speech advocating for freedom and the necessity of fighting for liberty.
He emphasizes the urgency of the situation and the need to take action against oppression.
Henry's impassioned plea for liberty or death resonates with the audience, highlighting the gravity of the decision facing the country.
The speech serves as a call to arms and a declaration of the unwavering commitment to freedom.
Henry's words inspire a sense of unity and determination among the people, setting the stage for the upcoming conflict for independence.
Moses is offered freedom by joining the British to put down the rebellion in Boston.
Despite the risks, Moses chooses to pursue his freedom and not live as a criminal.
He receives support from friends who claim he is a free man.
Dr. Franklin is involved in securing Moses' freedom, which angers slave owners.
Ultimately, Moses asserts his right to freedom and faces opposition from those who seek to control him.
Patrick Henry's speech on liberty and slavery and the different paths to freedom.
Moses and Cato's paths to freedom are discussed, reflecting on the divisive nature of slavery.
Concern is expressed that paths to freedom may eventually collide, emphasizing the cost of freedom.
The moral implications of slavery are highlighted as degrading and evil, advocating for its global eradication.
The text concludes with a message from Sarah expressing love and concern for the future.