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#1 Way To Do Social Media Marketing In 2024

Jason Wardrop2024-01-23
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The video provides a strategy for generating organic leads from social media in 2024 through short-form content and driving traffic to a landing page with a solid offer. It emphasizes the importance of consistency, analysis of successful strategies, and using hooks, core content, and calls to action to create engaging videos under 60 seconds. The speaker shares practical techniques for lead generation without paid ads, leveraging viral videos, and automating content creation. Lead automation tools like Mini chat are recommended to boost engagement and follow-up with leads, ultimately aiming for organic lead generation and successful lead automation.

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Strategy for Generating Organic Leads from Social Media in 2024.
Consistent lead flow is crucial for business success, with short-form content on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok being key to attracting leads.
Driving traffic to a landing page with a strong offer, whether through purchasing, owning, or earning awareness via email lists or content creation, is essential.
The ultimate objective is to convert traffic into leads and sales for businesses.
Using social media marketing for lead generation and income generation.
Short form content is the most effective method for lead generation on platforms like Facebook.
Tracking website visits, leads, and sales is crucial for monitoring business performance.
A viral video created by a virtual assistant in the Philippines led to an unexpected increase in leads.
Consistency and analysis of successful strategies are key to maintaining positive results.
Strategy for generating leads without paid ads.
Emphasizes cost savings compared to traditional advertising methods.
Effective for those with a small following, success with viral videos and social media growth.
Excitement about sharing practical, proven techniques for audience to replicate.
Positive feedback from others who have implemented the strategy.
Importance of hooks, core content, and calls to action in creating engaging short form videos.
Hooks should capture attention within the first few seconds, while core content should be simple and step-by-step to increase watch time and algorithm favorability.
Templates and scripts are offered for creating effective content, emphasizing the need to stop the scroll and intrigue the audience.
Short form videos should be 60 seconds or less, focusing on maximizing viewer engagement for platform visibility.
Creating engaging content through a hook, core content, and call to action.
Importance of keeping videos under 60 seconds and including a clear call to action.
Automating content creation with templates and scripts to generate two years' worth of daily content in two days.
Mention of the highle system as a tool to streamline content creation at scale.
Strategy for creating content through organizing hooks, core content, and outros.
Mixing and matching these elements allows for a variety of unique content pieces for social media.
Emphasis on using different hooks to keep content fresh and engaging.
Systematic approach can create over two years' worth of content in a few days.
Recommendation to use software like High Level for posting to various platforms and utilizing different platforms for maximum exposure.
Importance of scheduling tools for social media posts to maximize exposure.
Strategy of creating multiple Facebook business pages and Instagram accounts for mass exposure.
Use of Meta Suite scheduler and TikTok for scheduling content.
Highlighting the use of AI-generated content to drive leads.
Delegating tasks to virtual assistants to focus on family and financial freedom.
Highlights of Haen Software Tool for Video Creation
Haen is a software tool for creating videos with default avatars and animated captions, focusing on short form scripts for easy content creation.
Lead automation is emphasized for following up with leads automatically, boosting engagement and exposure.
Strategy includes responding to comments to increase algorithm love and using Min chat for lead generation.
The ultimate goal is to remove oneself from the process and focus on core business tasks for organic lead generation and successful lead automation.
Lead generation strategies through comment automation using tools like mini chat are discussed.
Engaging with comments on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok is highlighted as important for driving organic traffic and generating leads.
Using VA's to efficiently reply to comments promotes consistent lead flow and daily organic short-form content creation.
A discount on high-level courses is offered as part of the discussion on the value of lead automation in social media marketing.
Training methods and proper technique emphasized.
Viewers thanked for watching and encouraged to find value in the training.
Promise made to see viewers in the next video.