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Canada IMPORTANT Immigration News – IRCC Updates for 2024 – Canada PR

INGWE Canada2024-03-29
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The YouTube video discusses recent changes and policy updates in Canadian immigration, focusing on Alberta PNP and Saskatchewan entrepreneur programs. It covers federal, provincial, and regional immigration programs, highlighting challenges and updates. The video also mentions upcoming events and successful case examples, providing insights for a global audience. Changes in the 2022 market, LMIA program updates, and Saskatchewan's entrepreneur program modifications are discussed. The video emphasizes the importance of staying informed on immigration policies and updates, offering free email assessments for eligible applicants and encouraging viewers to subscribe for more information.

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Overview of recent changes and policy updates in Canadian immigration.
Challenges with Alberta PNP and Saskatchewan entrepreneur applicants are discussed.
Insights into federal, provincial, rural, and regional immigration programs are provided.
Resa from Inana Licens specializes in helping businesses, individuals, and families with immigration across borders.
Offer of free email assessments for eligible applicants and upcoming events in various locations are highlighted.
Changes to Alberta's Provincial Nominee Program (AIP).
Employers must now be operational for at least two continuous years in Alberta before being able to nominate.
Minimum revenues of $400,000 Canadian dollars are now required for eligibility, with exceptions for businesses with multiple years of operational history.
Longer nomination processing times of around 6 months have been implemented, compared to the previous 45-60 days.
Updates to the low wage and high wage streams of the LMIA program announced by Service Canada, effective May 1st, 2024.
Changes in the 2022 market.
Reductions in low wage caps for various sectors except construction and healthcare.
Employers should consider Asylum Seekers with valid work permits in Canada for recruitment efforts.
Prevailing wages for workers with closed work permits must be updated annually based on Service Canada's wage bank.
Saskatchewan's entrepreneur program underwent significant updates in 2024, becoming the most popular program in the Far East markets due to its language exemption policy.
Changes to SAS scaton program
Upfront language requirements of cb5 in English or French are now mandatory for all applicants.
Longer minimum business operation duration is now required.
In-person interviews are now mandatory for all applicants.
Saskatchewan's entrepreneur program is now ranked poorly compared to other provinces, leading to a predicted shift of new entrepreneur applicants to provinces with more favorable conditions like Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. Alberta and BC also offer appealing programs without upfront language requirements.
Overview of popular immigration programs in Canada and top countries for applicants.
The Startup Visa program in Canada and new health care immigration pilot in Nova Scotia are highlighted for their popularity.
The Ontario provincial nominee program is discussed, along with the lack of success in the entrepreneur program.
Portugal is the only European country in the top 10 countries for applicants of immigration programs in Canada.
The video encourages viewers to subscribe for more information on immigration policies and updates.
Overview of immigration options and processes.
Agency provides liability insurance and client trust accounts for protection.
Multilingual team assists applicants from various countries.
Viewers encouraged to click link for free email assessment and book consultation.
Canadian government provides minimum income and security benefits to citizens.
Filing PR under federal school worker program with arranged employment and employer portal requirements discussed.
Immigration-related topics in Canada.
Emphasis on job offers for permanent residency, visitor visas, and choosing between private and public colleges in Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island.
Importance of providing proof of ties to home country for visitor visas and opting for public colleges for a safer route.
Brief mention of recent changes on C10 and C11 work permits.
Increasing refusal rates for applications due to higher expectations without policy changes.
Only one application can proceed to federal government after receiving a nomination for different provinces.
PR holders must spend two out of five years in Canada for residency renewal.
Provincial healthcare coverage may restrict time spent outside the country for PR holders.
PR holders can sponsor spouses from inside or outside Canada with proper documentation.
Highlights of Canadian Immigration System Discussion
Credit towards citizenship can be earned for time spent in Canada.
Processing timelines vary for different visa programs.
Study programs can lead to permanent residency in Canada.
Importance of maintaining full-time student status for post-graduate work permits.
Requirements for obtaining a work permit in Canada.
Need for at least 1,560 hours of work with a specific employer.
Importance of employer compliance and job offer for Express Entry.
Advising having a plan B due to potential program changes.
Process of obtaining an LMIA-exempt work permit and significance of paying the $230 fee.
Changing work permit conditions and permanent residency processes.
Eligibility determines whether work permits can transition from open to closed or vice versa.
Permanent residency applicants can change conditions, with some receiving pre-arrival letters.
Processing delays are experienced in provinces like Manitoba and Alberta.
Biometrics timelines and potential changes to international graduate programs in British Columbia are discussed.
Advice on navigating Canadian visa programs, including potential risks and processing times based on location.
Emphasis on the unpredictability of visa processing timelines, particularly in Africa.
Details on implications of changing study programs as a full-time student in Canada, highlighting the need to inform authorities and renew study permits accordingly.
Viewers are encouraged to stay informed on immigration policy changes and program updates to avoid complications during the application process.